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I'm DDCC from November, but I work with the Alaska Birth Network in Anchorage, a non-profit organization promoting Mother-Friendly Maternity Care, and could help you find another practice if you're looking for postpartum care. You can visit us online at www.alaskabirthnetwork.org or call anytime. I hope your healing goes well!   I know you said you don't want to leave your house, but we're also having a meeting this Sunday on babywearing, and it would be a nice place...
We're having a boy :)  And yeah, I guess I'm shedding less hair, but it took a lot longer for shedding to stop than it did last time.
I'm curious how you're measuring too. I've been ahead a couple cm this pregnancy, and at 34w measured 38, but that's how it was last pregnancy too. And I'm only 5'2".
Normally my hair grows pretty fast, but it seems like this pregnancy it has hardly grown at all. I cut it to my chin in March thinking it would be long again by fall, but it's just now at my shoulders. Also, my leg hair growth has slowed down too. Is anyone else having this happen? I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong and not eating enough protein or something and my body is prioritizing baby growth over body hair growth! Which of course makes me feel guilty.
We're at the same time in our pregnancies and it's crazy to think my baby could be that big already! My son was 9lb 15oz at birth, and this one seems to be going that direction too.
I think my nesting has been focused on cooking - I made 3 huge things of enchiladas last night! At least one made it to the freezer, and the other two are for eating this week. I swear, I could live on enchiladas right now! Plus, it's a great way to use up the vegetables from the garden since just about anything can go in an enchilada.   I'm having a dillema about staining that dresser. I REALLY want to stain it and make it nice, but I can't find any low/no voc clear...
Today we're getting supplies to stain the dresser and I plan to hang pictures up in our room and the boys' room. Also on the list - get a bookshelf for the living room and have my brother haul away a table and help rearrange some living room furniture. It's a rainy day, so hopefully these projects will happen (along with cooking borscht and chicken enchiladas for the week)! 
I finally got some of my list from a week ago done! - broke down boxes and put them in the car to take to recycling -stuff for the thrift store also in the car -pictures for bedroom/living room brought upstairs -decision made: stain the dresser (when I pulled the tape off the drawers yesterday, a bunch of the finish came off and made that decision for me) now I just have to find out if I can do it in 40 degree weather... -three more boxes moved out of garage...
He's head down, back to my right side usually.
I remember mixing bleach and pinesol together in big buckets to clean when I was a kid! Talk about toxic! Disinfectants kind of creep me out so I usually end up using that 7th generation disinfectant that uses thyme oil. Sure, the house smells like I just cooked some poultry, but I'm not afraid of my kids touching things after I clean them 
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