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I had a pretty medicalized first birth (not that anything was actually wrong with me), which resulted in a c-section. My husband never understood why I was upset about that or why I really didn't want to have the same experience the second time. It was a lot of me crying in frustration and him being confused because "they saved our baby."     I had this fantasy plan for future births that my husband and I would take Bradley classes and he would be super supportive...
I've been getting braxton hicks occasionally throughout this pregnancy, and a few times lately I've felt what feels like a menstrual cramp - you know the burny achey ones down low or around your back. Is this part of braxton hicks or something else? Normally the braxton hicks just feel like an uncomfortable tightness. I don't really want to bug my midwife for something that's only happened four times.
Shepherd's pie!   That is my go-to comfort food dish. I just make it w/o the cheese and usually I'm too lazy to mash up the potatoes so it's more of a ground beef stew thing w/gravy. Looks gross, tastes delicious. And you can throw all sorts of veggies in. I've been making it w/radishes this summer since we got tons out of the garden and they're a really good addition to the carrotts & celery. Also, beef for iron!  
I was reading the Dec. DDC and saw a thread about what everyone was doing to prepare for the birth and kind of wondered why Dec. was already thinking about it when I realized that I'll be full term in TWO MONTHS. Yikes!   There was a projects thread earlier, but I wanted to see how everyone is doing getting ready for their babies to be here. Have you started childbirth classes? Ordered birth supplies? Started hoarding food?   I'm scheduling some Birthing from...
I definitely have more saliva - I've noticed that I've started drooling when I go to sleep now!  
I've been posting here since I found out I was pregnant, so I guess I should officially add myself :)    EDD: 11/12/11 * Name: Stormy * Age at conception / Age at delivery:  28/28 * Location: Alaska * What number child is this for you: 2nd that I'm giving birth to * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH, 2 sons, almost 4 and almost 11 * Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): We found out this time - it's another boy! * Names you like (& are...
It seems like my midwives are the same way, wanting everyone to take off early, but it just seems SO early! Especially having worked til over 41 weeks last time and thinking this baby will be here after my due date anyhow.  
It might not be ideal, but could you hire a helper to take care of the kids so you get a bit more of a break and the parents still have childcare & won't leave? It would be reduced income for you, but at least secure your clients so they're not having to scramble to find decent care for a few weeks or a month.    
I'm 28 weeks and baby is head down, I think he's been that way for a couple weeks now. Head down, back to the right, and feet to the left. I can tell where his feet are because every time I lay on my left side I can feel him kicking the bed a whole bunch :) I thought he might be breech but my midwife said that was just hand movement.
Ugh, my midwives just told me that I need to stop working at 30 weeks! I don't think we can do that financially, but I know I can go part time any time I need to. I've had a crazy week full of junk food and stress and doing too much since we were moving into our new house and I got all swollen which gave them a red flag at 28 weeks. Can I say ugh again?  I think I'll call my boss and take the rest of the week off and try to get the swelling down and rest. Ugh!  
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