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Oh, and yogurt!
Do you have a family history of nut allergies?  If not, then Lara Bars are a great snack.  Also hard boiled eggs (or egg salad), Bubbies (or any other naturally-fermented) pickles, Seasnax nori sheets, cheese, appesauce, celery w/ PB or cream cheese, beef or salmon jerky, smoothies (and then smoothie popcicles), fruit leather.  Does your natural food store have a good deli?  When I was pregnant and didn't have energy to cook, we bought a lot of good deli food and just had...
Hiding it in ground meat is my go-to solution for liver!
They just changed the pick-up spot.  It used to be in West Avl, not sure if it still is, it might be in Montford.  I'll pm you the contact address next time i get the monthly email.
Karico - the co-op from South Carolina also carries goat milk.
Hey Ydolem!  Pre-welcome to Asheville!   We've lived here almost 9 years and really love it and have found great community.  We homeschool, and there's a huge homeschooling community here, as well as a big focus on local foods, green living, healing arts, music, etc.  There are also downsides, like it's hard to make money here.  You'll want to come with your job already lined up (my partner and I are self-employeed, both jobs do not depend on the local economy, as we sell...
We are in Asheville, but I don't think of Flat Rock as really close by.  I'm not very familiar with the Hendersonville area, but I do know that Dr. Matthew Young is an AWESOME holistic dentist there on Main Street :)  You'll also be right near the Firefly Festival if you're into that sort of gathering in the Summer!
My 10 yo keeps telling me he's so excited for christmas because he really needs a new toothbrush LOL!  My kids also get the practical stuff - smartwool socks, toothbrushes.  My 2yo is getting underwear :)  Last year I saw these gigantic Reese's PB cups at Cracker Barrel, and once finding out they cost $15 each (yikes!), I just decided to make a giant candy for my kids - the L-O-V-E-D it!  They have seriously talked about it all year.  i used those little tiny-loaf size...
We don't do it.  I don't like that the whole "magic" is centered around consumerism.  My older kids are instructed not to let out the secret to other kids because it could hurt their feelings (shaking up the belief system!), and my littlest one is still blissfully unaware of the whole charade :)
I hear ya, I don't use the "finish everything" method with my own kids.  I was just responding a PP who insisted she had never heard any adult say that they were glad their parents had made them eat all foods.
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