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he is just perfect. congratulations!
Praying for you and your family.
I'm so happy you had a great section. And so so glad the girls are doing so well.
Sounds a little scary. You are super women! congratulations he is prefect.
He is so beautiful!
Wonderful! I had great nurses too. It makes the world of difference. So glad you had the same experience.
congratulations! sounds like a good medicalized birth. So glad everything went as well as it did!
First I must say if it hadn't been for MDC and its gateway to research and connection to local services (ie my amazing MW) this VBAC would not have happened.   At 40w 2d I started early labor around 6 or 7. Strong contractions every 20 minutes. Dh stayed home from work and the contractions persisted all day, just to end the day with contractions now 8-10 minutes apart.   40w 3d By 9 in the morning my contractions had  finally settled more into a pattern of every...
Thank you guys. This feeling persisted right through labor (though during it was kinda more on and off) There were times while pushing I felt like this is pointless why am I doing this again (like there wasn't a baby)   I don't know that PDD won't still strike, but about 2 hours after DS2 was born I felt back to being me. Its such a relief to feel normal again. I'm not a negative person and boy that was draining.     Hearing this helped a LOT.
I'll write more later, but 2/17/11 we had Oliver Lewis!!!   successful VBAC in hospital!   So glad to be on the other side.   link to birth story! http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1299213/hosital-vbac-of-ds2#post_16275425
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