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No one?   Now yesturday I rolled the veins on my foot (by sitting on my foot then pulling it out from under me a total normal thing to do) and it HURT like contraction pain (I felt pain) hurt.   Arg I just don't want to go to my doctor and have a zillion tests without walking in with so idea of direction.
Well I think I understand LOL   Yes, it can continue to seem worse as its still in your system and needs to work its way out of hers. Yes, heat can make it seem worse because its a rash and heats just not good, but I don't think it actually gets worse, just looks redder. and Yes, after sleeping if she hadn't been sleep snacking it could be better because her system is working the stuff out.   and overall YES its super weird and frustrating and annoying...
So wishing I hadn't already bought two new carriers. I saw on facebook about FrogMAMA's black friday deal. I bought my Boba from them (after first buying one on Zulily)   So here's the post she put   Frogmama Starting Friday select new Beco Butterfly carriers will be $70!! thats 50% off!! CRAZY I know This hasn't happened before and probably won't happen again...One day only friday 11/25! The next 2 days they will go up to $85! Still a...
Not sure about faster results...But I will say it is much easier to eliminate dairy and soy than gluten on your own body. When you stop eating gluten it can take two weeks of craving insanely than better in 4-6 weeks. But that's based on people themselves who are allergic. I remember feeling like I was starving while crying and eating (gluten free) oatmeal while my stomach hurt because I'd eaten too much. But that got better, to speed up the 'detox of sorts' drink water...
It takes I believe six week for dairy to be totally out of your system. I would start with dairy and soy together, then if needed add gluten. Total elimination sucks. Though I'd also use your dd1 as a guide to what this one may be allergic to.   Good luck!
What about soy? they are very similar as far as allergies go (I think something about the protein strands being very similar) Are you eating more Soy?    Both my boys are allergic to dairy, soy and wheat. Only DS2 gets the rash just like that. DS1 would just vomit (now that he's older reactions have changed)
um no serious not safe.
So I have two separate but almost equally annoying things go on and I have no clue why!   1st So so so weird. Its happened maybe three or four times this year. I get a sudden pain in my finger, like painful stabby but on the inside pain. Then where the pain was I get a small black and blue mark. My one thought was burst vessel, which is weird, but why would it happen again? and in different fingers, can't remember if different hands. I can't find anything that points...
  I'm sorry. Only advice is what my grandmother told me, "Put them on backwards" I've noticed a huge difference in DS1 when I did this. He seems to be much more stable and not afraid of falling in. Maybe that has something to do with her fear?   (Oh and this is in addition to potty seat)    
I'm so sorry. DS is not yet three but my niece who is just told my sister she 'wants a new mommy'   I'm hoping boys will be easier?   My Mom always said God made children cute so we won't kill them.
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