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Hey ladies, I live in Northern cambria pa, in cambria county. A very VERY mainstream area. I've recently had horrible experiences with the docs we deal with and I would love to find a natural minded doc for my kids. I would love a holistic or homeopathic doc, but am fine with a MD or DO who is accepting of my crunchy ways. PLEASE HELP! haha Any referrals for cambria, blair, indiana counties would be within a decent distance for me. Thanks in advance!!!
Gideon Everett was born at 4:55 this morning, 9lb 13oz 22.75 inches. She says he is perfect, of course. Congratulations Sarah!!!! Cant wait for pics!
Me! I think i updated the feb DDC, but not this one, Dominic William 1-28-10 1pm 9lb 2oz, 19 inches
Hi, new here from the Jan/Feb DDCs. I had my baby last thursday and he had to stay an extra day in the hospital for some phototherapy for jaundice. I wasnt too worried and the levels dropped and he came home the next day. On monday, 2-1, he went to our family dr who said he looked fine and just to watch for it to get worse or anything. Now, a week later, I have been to my dr and he went with me. First thing my dr said was aww what a cute baby but he looks yellow. Then I...
Thanks everyone for the congrats and well wishes! I'm home now, but Dominic had to stay an extra day because of some jaundice, he should be home tomorrow though. Heres his birth story: I woke up on Thursday with wet pants, I wasnt sure, but I thought my water broke so off to L&D we went. Turned out that he was just making me pee myself lol embarrassing. So my favorite nurse was on that day and she said she was going to pull some strings and see if I could have him then....
So i went to my Dr appt today assuming everything was the same as last week- no dilation, no effacement etc. So I scheduled my c-section for this friday and I'm completely comfortable with that at this point. But then the dr checked me and i'm 1cm 80% effaced! I was shocked! this is further than I made it w/ my DD in 42 weeks and 24 hours of labor! So i kept the c-section scheduled but was still kinda hoping that things would progress and maybe i wouldnt need it. Went up...
I'm having an unplanned planned c/s. haha see my other thread. I had an unplanned one w/ my DD and I agree, post partum support is important. as for recovery, it was tough, but i was up to normal within a week. Depends on how far you push yourself after.
I had a doc appointment yesterday. I go to a clinic, so there 4 are rotating docs and yesterday the doc I saw came in SO EXCITED that I was a VBAC patient and he told me how he was proud that I wanted to do it, he doesnt see many of them, theres nothing wrong w/ trying for a vag birth, oh boy was he happy. THEN he checked me....and is now the third doc to tell me it does not look good. Slight back story-I was induced w/ my DD in 06 at 41 +3, labored hard for 24 hours and...
Quote: Originally Posted by NicoleS Why would they expect dilation at just 35 weeks? I havnt updated my ticker, but I'm actually 37 weeks. Possibly 38 no one really knows for sure. I'm due anywhere from 1-26 to 2-5. So I dont know. . . I dont see why whether or not i've dilated yet means anything anyways...not until i'm like 42 weeks and nothing is going on ya know?
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