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Is it possible she's got a yeast infection?  I had them so bad when I was little.  Thats the only thing I can really think of off the top of my head.   
Akemi, my DH was originally where yours is.  I had started researching the subject 2 years before our son was born because I had read where a friend of mine got very passionate in a thread about keeping babies intact and I had no idea anyone did that.  After doing my research, I brought the subject up and got the same response you did.  So I asked him why he thought that.  Item by item, I gently re-educated him.  Then I asked him to watch a circ on youtube.  He declined,...
I tried it with my second child at my Peds urging.  I only lasted for about 3 hours before I said "screw this" and got my baby.  She didnt look at me, yet was clingy for 3 days afterward, jumped at small sounds, was just a sad wreck.  CIO may work for some babies/kids without emotional impact but it doesnt work for mine.  After a few more months of co-sleeping, she voluntarily decided to sleep in her own bed.  Dont beat yourself up momma.  Love on him, reassure him, and...
Yeah, my BH contractions have gotten more noticeable and stronger/earlier with each pregnancy.  With this one (#4), they started at about 11 weeks.  I haven't exactly timed these but they are pretty powerful, almost make me feel breathless for a minute.  Im not worried though.  If they were super consistent/painful, then I might be concerned.
1.What's going on with your morning sickness, 1st trimester fatigue, and your baby bump?   15+ 5, Still on the Zofran pump, but Im so very fortunate that it works very well for me and I've only lost it once this past month.  We're talking about turning down my dosage soon to see how I do, which really scares me, but Im willing to try.  Have to do it some time!  I've been super tired this week, but school just started back so I've been up at the crack of dawn getting the...
I posted on your other thread as well, but how much fluid are you getting each day?  If I havent been diligent enough about drinking, Ill start to spill ketones in the afternoon.  My thoughts are: add a complex carb to each meal and up your fluid intake.  Quinoa cooked in chicken broth, or cooked with some veggies (celery, etc) is an excellent side dish.  Or maybe a smoothie in the afternoon?   
How much fluid are you getting in?  I spill ketones in the afternoon if I have not drunk enough fluids during the day.  The two big things I suggest are 1) add a complex carb to each meal and 2) up your fluid intake.   
I absolutely will NOT be getting one.  Had that little discussion right up front with my new doc, who (politely) asked why.  I gave him several of the reasons why and he was ok with it.  I would be so pissed if a doc had talked to me like that.  :( 
Are they saying baby's ureters are dialated (how much)?  If so, it's called Hydronephrosis.  My 3rd baby had this and we checked again at 30ish weeks (it was still present).  I was sent to a Peri and a pediatric Nephrologist.  The Peri did an in depth sono and sent it to the Ped. Nephrologist.  When we met with the Nephrologist, here is what he had to say.  He was amazing, VERY evidence based.  He said of babies with this condition, only something like 20% will still...
Well, mine IS visible... if Im laying down flat... and I REALLY REALLY have to pee.   After I go, the bump recedes back to nothingness.  I was so excited the other morning when I woke up and found that bump and so bummed after I went to the bathroom. LOL  Eventually it will HAVE to stay out of my pelvis, but for now, this one is still being a sneaky little one.  15 weeks today!  Ill take a pic... eventually... when theres something to take a pic of? Hehe
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