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Quote: Originally Posted by MoonStarFalling I would use the PEVA. It's not as waterproof as PVC but it is safer. I buy wool at the thrift store for a few bucks you might want to check there too. Ooo thanks! I'll check out the thrift stores for wool.
I would cook it if it didn't smell funky. I wouldn't freeze it raw though. I'd cook it thoroughly and then use it for meals asap.
Quote: Originally Posted by lifeguard We just use an old wool blanket folded in half. So far it's worked well for us. That would be great, if we had a wool blanket. Unfortunately a new wool blanket is also way above our budget (well over $100). I'll try to find a used one. Edited to add: I checked on ebay. Used 100% wool blankets go for above what we can afford right now, as much or more than the non-vinyl mattress pads. Anyone have any...
I've had a terrible time finding non-vinyl waterproof crib mattress pads. The only ones I've found are around $35-50 which is WAY more than we can afford for one mattress pad right now. Do you think it would be safe for me to use a PEVA shower curtain liner as a waterproof layer (topped with a flannel sheet to cushion it and then a regular cotton sheet on top of that)? If not, do you have any CHEAP (like, $20 or less) alternatives? Thanks mamas!
Quote: Originally Posted by Elizabeth2008 ...be comfortable saying no to adults (so never tell them that they must "always obey adults) when they are asked to do something they aren't comfortable with. This. My grandmother was raised in the "you don't say no to adults, EVER" era and has always told any child in her care "you don't say no to me". When I was old enough to realize the danger of this, I told her that she was taking away their most...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2ID_Wife What wrap did you have that you found hard to use? Well, to be honest, I've only used the Moby. It's not so much that it's hard to use. It's just too stretchy to get a good wrap on my biiiig 7mo. No matter how snug I tie him (hip carry mostly, due to my big preggo tummy) he always sags down past my hip. I do intend to get a woven wrap eventually, but I'm thinking "poppable" right now. DS is in a clingy stage...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tway It's hard enough being a mother without people telling you what they think you're doing wrong. THIIIISSSS!!!! I mostly get hat/mits/shoes comments from my mom, who thinks that every time you step foot outside the baby is going to suffer some horrible fate if unhatted/unshod/etc. I don't mind so much with her cuz I love her but I tell her "I don't do it your way" and she shuts up. I actually had a...
Quote: Originally Posted by texmati OP-- how did it go? DS officially loves riding in carts! My DH officially thinks I'm crazy for wiping them down, though he tolerates it. Thanks for asking! I posted a few responses about our experience above, but I imagine they got lost in all the other responses. I never expected such overwhelming response to my question. Thanks everyone!
Quote: Originally Posted by StrawberryFields No regrets though. At least not until I saw that City Select, anyway! Are we all drooling over the City Select?? Sigh, more info, more choices! Thanks, everyone, for helping me try to find the perfect stroller!
I know there's a big variation there but I'm looking for something to back carry both a newborn and older baby through the toddler years. I love wraps but I do find them harder to use and am wondering if I should go with something easier. What do all you experts recommend? Also, which brands are your favorites?
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