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I'm also going back to work. Ugh. I have 2 months off (only 1 month left, le sigh...).     I'm VERY nervous about leaving Lina (rhymes with China by the way :) even though we're not putting her in daycare or anything yet.  DH and my mom are going to be watching her during the day. I'm so thankful for that. But at this point, I'm her primary caretaker and I can't imagine being away from her all day!  My work is close to home, so I plan to come home for lunch to nurse....
oats & almonds are good for milk too.
yes!  me too!!
thanks mamas!   CCoello, you're so right, the negative-only feedback is temporary!   i need to remember that!  And eleuthia, yep, i have moments of terror when she cries sometimes.  i'm just gonna keep reminding myself that it will get easier, tis is just a phase, and look forward to those first smiles.   i really think childbirth classes should spend some time talking about  this post-partum parenting thing- i feel like i was so prepared for everything except...
is anyone else experiencing this, or have experience?    our birth was so wonderful, but the 2 weeks following it were very very challenging!  Lina is almost 3 weeks now and i still feel like she could be someone else's baby.  i wanted to be a mom for such a long time, and this baby was/is very much wanted and planned for, yet the experience hasn't exactly been what i imagined.  i hoped to have a "love at first sight" experience, but when Lina came out i honestly...
i feel for you mama!  i don't think lina has colic, but she has been very fussy for the past few days and i haven;t been able to put her down.  even using the swing hasn't helped!  i am not getting any sleep and it's exhausting. i hope lyle feels better very soon!     my little lina has the baby acne too!  it looks so uncomfortable.  i am going to try your breastmilk trick, ninetales!
  oh mama, i feel you on this!
My little Lina is a pretty slow nurser too!  Some days I feel like all I do is nurse, mainly because she gets bored (or something) when the foremilk runs out (this is my guess anyway) and goes to sleep, even though she isn't full.  So when I take her off the breast and try to put her down, she wakes back up and wants to nurse again, and we start the process over.  We did that for almost 4 hours last night!  Exhausting.
Congrats VV!!   She's adorable!
im typing with one hand & just now exploring these posts, wish i would have done so earlier!  we have had a rough time with the breastfeeding so far. i think we're getting the hang of it in terms of baby eating enough, but she has jaundice and has only been pooping once a day, so everyone is nervous.  i am having to wake her every 2 hoiurs and force her to feed and its been fairly traumatic!  for everyone.  she is gaining weight and having tons of wet diapers, so i know...
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