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Awesome story! Thank you so much for sharing. You are such a brave & strong mama!!!  
Ugh, boots, so sorry that PP has been hectic so far, and sorry for the issues with your OB!  Yuck.  Glad you have your GP to help you, and that the LC was helpful.  Here's hoping that Lyle is healthy from here on out and you and DH can get some rest!
Mine is also the most active that he/she has been! I am loving it. I was actually talking to the baby last night and asking it not to come this week because I am so much enjoying the movements and watching my belly.  I LOVE my belly!!  I could do without the extra weight everywhere else (thighs, I'm looking at you) but that belly is just amazing.
Awesome story! Congrats, and he's ADORABLE!!
VV-- I'm 37 weeks today too!  Lots of BH, but no other signs of baby.  Babies tend to come early in my family, but watch me be the one that has them late!   I'm not ready yet (still so much to do!) but I would like to have a Leo baby versus a Virgo (I'm a Virgo and we have lots of them in our family) so I'm pulling for this babe to come early.  I'm off to Google and find out what the August birth stone is :) 
I'm planning to do placenta encaps too.  I'm also hoping to eat a small piece of my placenta right after birth (to prevent hemorrhage-- we're talking, smaller than a dime sized piece, though)!  I may try to take it like a pill, or have DH put it in a smoothie.  I also reserve the right to NOT do that if I'm not feeling it, but I do like the idea of getting some of it down right away and not waiting for the capsules.  
Awesome birth story, thanks for sharing!  And congrats, she is just gorgeous!
oh wow! Everyone is looking so beautiful!!!
Oh, Boots, what an ordeal!  Please do keep us posted on your progress.  And, FORGET about work!!  I know it's easier said than done, but this is your time to focus on the last few days (hours?) alone with DH and with your in-utero babe.  Sending you relaxing vibes :)   Thanks andaluza for the tips on avoiding future YI and clearing this one up!  I think that the exercise clothes and swimsuits I've been wearing aren't helping much either! Also, thanks poppy & newmum...
congrats! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the birth!  Enjoy your little one!
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