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I may be having a water birth too!  We have purchased a (used) birthing pool and I'm looking forward to having it as an option for our homebirth.  Having never done this before I have no idea if I will feel like being in the pool, but it looks like such a wonderful thing.  My Hypnobirthing class showed a lot of videos of women birthing in water and they seemed very peaceful. 
I also love the name!  Very sweet.  I hope you get more time with him soon and are feeling back to normal as quickly as possible!!
i've got you beat! :) I'm up 30 at 28 weeks. I officially feel like a manatee, although I'm trying to have a healthy perspective about it.  I gained 13 lbs between weeks 24 and 28!!  hoping that is not the new trend!
Boots--- Yay!! So happy for the good test results!!   Sarah-- darn, hope your iron is up by your next appointment. iron, protein, fluids... there is so much to keep track of in the pregnancy business!   Penny-- ugh!  I'm so glad you had a back-up plan with your midwife!   NewMumJoy-- yay for your bike ride!  I've been nervous to get back on my bike, probably because I feel to cumbersome and unwieldy these days.  It's great that you're feeling prepared for...
ithappened-- I hear you about the to-do list!  I am seriously starting to re-think mine.   LeAnn-- hope you feel better today.  I really overdid it yesterday too (long walk at 6 AM and then on my feet for the rest of the day) and am really achy today. Plus some *new* sensations in my feet :)   Liz-- that has totally happened to me too!   Poppy-- my heart goes out to you right now.  Sounds like you have a lot of emotionally trying things happening around you...
Congratulations!! He is adorable.    Do you all have a name for him yet?     I hope you are able to bring him home soon.  
at least you have the twins excuse :)  It's so cool that you're having a boy and a girl together!  My grandpa and his twin sister were always extremely close.
LeAnn & ithappened-- I have been reading that Spinning Babies website too!  Haven't had a chance to get DH to try the rebozo technique yet, but I have been doing the inversions and pelvic tilts daily.  I don't know for sure if baby is head up or not, because ALL the movement is really low.  This baby likes to be near the exit :)   Boots-- ugh! That sounds just awful. I'm so glad it's over and I hope you are doing okay now.  I had my glucose screening this morning,...
Where you live sounds lovely!    Do you have any pets?
Everyone is looking SO LOVELY!  Tchotchkes, love the civil war wear!  
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