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Wow, time is really flying by!  Ithappened, I can't believe you could be holding your twins in as little as 5 weeks....just wow!!  I have about 12.5 weeks to go until EDD.  LeAnn, we are in the same boat!  Glad to hear your LO is doing great and I am excited for you to find out the sex!   Boots, hope the 3 hour test isn't too bad.  I have my screening next week and am kind of nervous to get the results.
Thank you for sharing! I like that blog too.   This is one of my favorite videos-- not spiritual or offering any real tips or advice, but I just love the energy of this birth, and seeing the strong mama do her work.  http://pacingthepanicroom.blogspot.com/2010/06/last-moments-of-57-hours.html
oooh, I hope you all will share photos of you grey nurseries!   We are still trying to figure the nursery out...as of now it's still a mess of a guest room, that I am actually sleeping in because the mattress is firmer.  I am finding that I also just really like sleeping alone-- I'm so restless at night that I feel like I'd disturb DH anyway.    Boots-I know how you feel about being overwhelmed!  I am starting to feel a bit better (after taking 2 birth classes, which...
Agreed!   And, we have a subscription to TIME (not sure why, I only glance at it usually) and event though I'm interested in this topic, I just rolled my eyes at this article and recycled it. Definitely sensationalist.  I think TIME has gotten what they were after-- which is a lot of people saying "TIME magazine"  :)
andaluza & lilytiger-- thank you both for those suggestions!  I will try them out and report back :)
I am feeling so frustrated right now!  Walking has been my main source of exercise for over a year now, and I love it.  For the past few weeks, I've been getting shin splits (or something similar?) about 5-10 minutes into each walk.  I splurged on new shoes w/ inserts and it hasn't helped at all.  Walking is now really really uncomfortable for me, and since I usually walk with my dad and he walks very fast, my slowness slows him down.  Of course he doesn't complain, but...
Wow!   KristyD, that is super annoying!  I agree that if they're going to present info on epidurals, at least they should discuss potential risks to the baby or pay equal attention to the fact that many women don't feel the need for an epidural.  There are times when it's the best option, but plenty when it's NOT.   Youngspiritmom-- I have no words!  I'm appalled at the nurse your mom encountered. Shameful!
ithappened-- hope you get some good rest soon!!  Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.  I hope you can take lots of deep breaths and relax whenever possible!'   Justchanti-- I took Birthing From Within too!  Loved it.  I'm also just now taking a Hypnobirthing class. Those were the two classes that looked the most interesting to me.  I'm looking forward to seeing which techniques work for me on the Birth Day :)  Also, I'll be doing the Glucose test at my next...
  I feel the same way!  I know that many more experienced mamas will roll their eyes when I say it, but I am really looking forward to birthing.  I'm excited to understand what it feels like, how I'll react, how my husband will react and support me.  The whole thing is one wild ride, but birthing especially just seems incredible.  I'm hoping I can tune in to my body and have a wonderful experience (though I do understand there are things that aren't in my control).
If you could live anywhere (family aside) where would you go??   You mentioned gluten-free cookies-- are you and your DW gluten free?  if so, why?  And do you have any cookbooks or blogs that you can recommend on the topic?
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