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Hi. I am not an expert but having family members with bipolar disorder, it doesn't sound like the right diagnosis. Bipolar used to be called manic depression. Bipolar usually has extreme highs and lows that last more than a few minutes. You didn't mention anything about depression, which is part of bipolar. There is usually some degree of paranoid behavior too. My 4 year old daughter just had an OT evaluation. She is extremely hard to control, will run into parking lots...
Hi. I am looking for someone to print my designs on sachet envelopes. I can supply the envelopes. Not someone using their home printer, I could do that myself. I have been trying to figure out what kind of business to search for this. All I have locally is a copy shop and some of the designs use photos. Any suggestions? Thanks Kris
The songs are catchy! I find myself signing along. But I didn't know it was a show, I thought they came on between shows. I think 20 minutes of them continuously could make you crazy.
I order everything from Vistaprint. I have uploaded my logos and can use them over and over. With a free offer, you can get the premium cards for $5 shipping. I recently ordered a couple of their tee shirts, with the Shaklee logo I had uploaded for free, and only had to pay $4.50 for the shipping. I have been very happy with all of the products I have ordered from them. But do not sign up for the rewards at the end of your order-just close that or you will be charged...
Hi. Yes, WAHMshoppes will give you a temporary address to build with. I have also checked out Watersweb and that looks like a good, easy e-store set-up too and it is also reasonable.
I use WAHMshoppes for my store. It is really easy to use, and there is a forum to ask questions and get fast answers. It is only $7 a month. You can use one of their templates or have one of the designers (that you can find by posting to the forum) make you one. All you have to then do is upload your pictures, put in your descriptions and pick your payment processor. I use paypal because it is well known and that is easy too.
Quote: Originally Posted by mightymoo However, changes are a 1800 home had the really old type of electric - fuses, etc, so the upgrade is good. I would find out if they upgrade all the wiring or just the box, which could make a difference. Excellent point! I too would make sure they updated all of the wiring.
I sell Natural & Organic Skin care products. I am a licensed cosmetologist so I purchase products in bulk from spa/beauty suppliers, bottle and sell them. Just like a spa or beauty salon that sells their own product line does. But I sell my products for way less $ than a spa or salon would; so that other WAHMS/SAHMS can actually afford them. And I also sell environmentally safe "GREEN" cleaning products and items from a "GREEN" company.
We have 200 amp and my DH always goes for overkill so I think 100 is typicalYou would have to be using many appliances at once to add up to 100 amps.
Hi. If you can't find any WAHMS that make them, I know that there is a company that does. (They just added their link on my website) it is http://www.time4felt.com/ I think it is a direct sales company.
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