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from what I've read the varnish (which is painted on) is much safer than the gel. either way, I'll probably err on the side of caution. but now I'm curious... when you google search "fluoride varnish pregnancy" a whole bunch of studies come up, but no real answer. I know that DH's mom actually took a fluoride supplement when she was pregnant with him and he's fine. haha
Going in for my routine cleaning and wondering about getting the fluoride treatment. I can feel a few roots exposed and would normally go ahead with the fluoride... but I'm 16 weeks pregnant. My sister is a dental hygienist and told me that fluoride varnish is fine when pregnant. Just wanted to see if anyone else had or is planning on getting this treatment. Not too much on the web about it during pregnancy.
I'm August 1st, too. It will be our second child.
I am nursing as often as she wants, luckily she hasn't had trouble eating. I elevate her when she sleeps and she doesn't seem to have a problem sleeping, although she coughs when she wakes up. I've been using nasal drops and aspirating when she seems completely clogged. for the most parts she's had a clear, runny nose. hoping I'm over the worst of it! thanks for replying. did you wake during the night to check his breathing? maybe I should set a timer every hour...
my DD has RSV. I had never heard of it, but seems quite serious. her cough started last Monday and she had a stuffy nose, never a fever higher than 99.7. by Wednesday I could tell she was feeling ill and then she hacked up a lot of mucous; I brought her to the doc. and they tested for RSV. doc. said he'd seen 4 cases in one day. I EBF and thought we were invincible. guess not! doc. said we'd just have to wait it out, cough is lingering but her personality is back to...
I just started cleaning with vinegar! after reading about it in my new favorite book, Organic Housekeeping, I'm hooked. didn't think about adding EO... just add a few drops?
DD August 13, 2009 5:36am 7lbs 15.9oz 21 inches Thanks!
I'd like to join the club! my due date was last week and I have had contractions each day, one day I was sure that it was time and then after laying down... nothing! kinda frustrating... I'm ready to meet my little girl! AND I'm sick of family and friends (who I love dearly) asking "what's the hold up?" the next person who says "she's just so comfy in there" is going to get smacked.
Quote: Originally Posted by LilWin I'm 4 days past my due date and already I've gotten calls and neighbours asking me every single day if I feel anything yet. I know they mean well, but it's annoying and frankly, I'm done being prego myself as well. : same! ... and the next person who tells me that "she's just so comfy in there" is going to get punched
what an incredible birth story! congrats!
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