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 I used mine ALL THE TIME. Our oldest co-slept until 18 months. They're great for when baby is napping, especially if you're doing something out of earshot. I like to work in my garden while the kiddo is napping so I used it for that a lot.
Yikes! I just wanted to say I'm very sorry that you're experiencing this; we enrolled my oldest in a preschool when he was 3 and that particular school was a horrible fit. They managed to make us feel like there was no other option than to pull him. Honestly, I'd look for a new daycare-if they're still employing the people who taunted and bullied your son that's pretty emotionally taxing for him. It doesn't sound like this place is a great fit.
I used to say "look up here" to my late son. I think eye contact is so stressed by Western autism specialists because it's a good way to pull focus to the person who's speaking, and getting the attention of kids with ASDs can be impossible. We always told my son that it's okay to look at the neck or nose if he wanted, and that it was important to try and face the person he was talking to so they knew he was paying attention.
Have you tried social stories? I know most people think of them as being for younger kids, but I think they're useful for all kids on the spectrum. You can't necessarily teach him to feel empathy (although I agree with a previous poster that we can't be certain he doesn't) but you can certainly teach him which behaviors are not acceptable. There needs to be a consequence for placing his hands on someone else's body (reiterate to him that just as he would not like to be...
Hey, thanks! I did have to cut some of the herbs down the other day before a freeze and I'm drying but I haven't dug everything up yet and I'm hoping not to!
Hello! There is a place in East Montpelier, VT on Snow Hill Road called McKnight Farms. They sell raw milk. My DH used to work there. They also sell organic grass-fed beef (at least last I checked). 
Anything he wants to do with his hair is fine with me. He currently has longish (about shoulder length) hair because that's how he prefers it. I was allowed to color my hair however I liked starting at about age 12 and it was a big deal for me; I think it's important to allow kids personal freedom when it comes to fashion choices. Here's a current pic of his long hair. 
 I was an 80s kid too-one of many Sarahs! There were 5 or 6 in my graduating HS class. My last name is very common too.
I would make it more inconvenient for her NOT to wipe. Tell her that her undies are stinky and she needs to help deal with that and reiterate "this is what happens when you do not wipe your bottom". Make it something that will disrupt her day. Also, as soon as she's done toileting and comes out, ask if she's wiped. If not, tell her she has to go back and wipe herself. I would then say "you cannot go play while you have poop on your body. When you are finished wiping, come...
My son self-entertains but it was a struggle to get there. I have no problem saying "you need to go play now" if I'm in the middle of something. If he chooses to sit on his bum and not do anything, that's his choice. I will offer a few suggestions, or we make a compromise like "I will read you two books and then I'm going to fold laundry. You may help me or you can go play elsewhere but I have work to do". Just like I don't expect him to be free to do things with me all...
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