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Leah-here's a great link! http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/oil_pulling.html I am DEFINITELY trying this, starting tomorrow. I have very bad teeth and a lot of dental problems (I have had eleven cavities and I brush and floss regularly). I also have a lot of lung and sinus issues.
I thought about posting this in Allergies, but I'm not sure that's what it is yet, so I think it's more appropriate in a more general forum. So, I need some advice. My son went to bed perfectly healthy on Saturday night, and woke up with diarrhea on Sunday morning. It is WARNING-TMI now green, mucous-y stool; he formerly had brownish-orange mucous-y stool that was nearly liquid. This is the ONLY thing that's wrong-he acts completely fine; not lethargic, cranky or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Annie Mac I remember a time with my daughter, when she was about 7 actually. She had been, well, generally unlikeable for a while (hostile and whiny) and I was trying to ignore it. We were eating lunch one day and she was just being miserable. Before I could even stop myself, I told her that when she behaves like this, I didn't like her very much. But when she behaved in a nicer, friendlier fashion, she was my very favourite...
That is really wierd! I always say "one is enough" to ODS when we're talking about desserts. (I do occasionally let him have two cookies if they're small, but that's it). I think making children accustomed to eating TWO pieces of cake at every party is setting them up for bad habits.
I would also assume that there was a good reason for the kid being in the stroller, because I've never seen a kid happy in a stroller unless they wanted to be there!
Oh, and the other REALLY funny thing that ODS said (at about 19 mos.) he was trying to pull a wagon full of blocks, and the entire thing dumped over. He looked right at it and said "F-ckin A, wagon!!" I wanted to reprimand him, but I was laughing MUCH too hard.
We are lucky to know a few other young couples with children. However, we did lose some friends-we just didn't have much in common with them any more.
My husband was hesitant about having a second because he felt that we would be able to provide ODS with more "stuff" if we didn't have any more. I disagreed because I grew up without tons of "stuff" and feel that it is good for kids; to this day, I feel that DH gets too focused on money and material things. (He is better than he was, though). The choice was taken out of our hands though when we were suprised with YDS. Funnily enough, having two actually made DH much more...
I am in a similar place right now. I am pretty sure that my 2 1/2 y/o DS is gifted, but there isn't much point in testing right now. He is much like your DD-knows lots of words, has 99% correct vocabulary (including tenses; jumped, jumping, going to jump, etc). I just provide him with lots of opportunities to explore his developing mind and abilities and leave it at that.
My ODS last summer, when there was a lot of construction work going on outside our building: "Mommy, I want to drive those backhoes! I want to SHARE the backhoes! My turn!!" He was quite serious and didn't understand why the construction workers didn't have to share their toys. Last week, when I caught him jumping on the bed: "Mommy, was Monarch (his stuffed pony) jumping. He is a sneaky, sneaky pony!" About a month ago at the grocery store: As soon as we got...
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