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This is a tough situation, isn't it?? I have a very good friend who has 3 toddlers (2, 3 and 4) and I often bring my two to play over there. We have both done our fair shair of disciplining in front of all the other kids. Unless your son seems unusually upset by the tantrum that he's witnessing, I would just distract him with a toy, and maybe say something to him like "X is having a tough time right now, huh? Everybody has hard days sometimes". If he is witnessing a kind...
Ezra has just learned how to count to 3!! He can't say "one" very well though, but if anybody else says "one" he goes "two, THREE!" It is so cute!!
We co-slept with ODS from birth and we all slept in the same bed the entire time. I couldn't co-sleep with YDS because of medications from my c/s and that worked out fine too-he wasn't interested in co-sleeping anyway. He likes to sleep in his crib, by himself, in total darkness (odd for a baby, I know). Good luck-hope everybody starts sleeping better soon!
I use pockets when we're out usually, or fitteds and a wool cover. Those are the only types of diapers we have right now since YDS has outgrown all of the PFs. I generally use pockets, though.
I have hard water, and it helped some, but didn't work any better than other detergents I've used. The soak did get my diapers a bit less dingy, but not enough to justify the cost of the detergent.
I have *sigh* hard water. It's turning my diapers gray. I've been doing this routine currently: Quick wash in hot water/vinegar/Calgon (about 1.5 tablespoons) Long soak in vinegar/warm water/detergent/Calgon Both washes offer two rinses. I have to add vinegar to a rinse cycle too the second time. The diapers are STILL coming out dingy, just not AS dingy. If I add any more water softener, the water is too soft and everything turns yellow-orange. I am running an...
My 2.5 year old likes to say "NO!" whenever I ask him if he wants anything, and then throw a fit because I complied and didn't give it to him. He also gets mad if any food he is eating (like toast, a cookie, a cracker) breaks into pieces. He'll still eat it, but he'll cry the entire time.
Due to my DH's hours, sit-down dinners are a no-go in this house. He gets home between 9-11 PM most nights, long after the kids are in bed. We live in a smallish apartment, so I clean while the kids are eating so the noise doesn't wake them up later. I often sit with them for lunch though, but not always.
I got lucky and had a lot of exposure to babies and kids as a teen and young adult (I was actually working as a nanny up until the month before ODS was born). People were shocked (even my ped.) to find out ODS was my first baby because they said I did so well with him. I totally feel like I'm flying blind ALL THE TIME-I wish I knew as much as everybody else thought I did!
I would have called CPS. If she's like that in public, imagine what she's like at home!
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