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He currently rides in a Graco Platinum CarGo booster.
So I was putting a diaper on my 2 1/2 y/o today and noticed what appears to be a bruise on his testicles!!! It doesn't seem super-painful, but he did act like it bothered him when I touched it. He is not walking funny or acting like he's in pain, but it is worrisome-anybody else had this happen with their boys? I'm just worried because it's such a sensitive area! He is NOT having trouble urinating or anything else (he is PL'ed so I would notice).
Canaan said over 300 words at 18 months and spoke in sentences. He also talked about himself correctly in first-person "I like cows" etc.
It's not so much his height as the fact that he has a very long torso, so his shoulders are getting too high for his current harness.
My ODS is about to grow out of his 5-point harness; he's 31 months, 37 inches tall and about 32 lbs. He is FF'ing. (This is NOT by choice; I didn't know about ERF'ing when I first turned him, and when I found out and tried to turn him back, he got violently carsick. Every single time.). So that aside, I need a good, affordable 5-point harness that I can keep him in as long as possible. TIA!
Ahaha. So I just made this same thread, but this one didn't come up because I spelled it "hummus"! It even has the same title!
My children have recently decided that they LOVE hummus. I would like to make it since it's expensive to buy pre-made. Anyone have a favorite recipe that they would like to share?
Canaan says "No, no brother," "NO BARK!" to my parents dogs, and two weeks ago he said "Where the hell did you come from?" when Ezra appeared in his room. (Not totally sure where he got the last one, but I'm going to guess Daddy-the kids are always sneaking up on him!)
Hello everybody! I'm 23 and my DH is 25. I had my first child at 21 and my second at 22, so I think I qualify for this board! Here's a blog link, too: http://barefoot-mama-sarah.blogspot.com
LOVED the potty-training comment! Canaan has lately been using his skills to make up very creative excuses for things; yesterday, I told him to go potty so we could go to the grocery store. He came back and said to me "Mommy, I can't go potty, because there's a chicken in there". He was SHOCKED when I didn't believe him!
New Posts  All Forums: