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If she is initiating and saying she doesn't want to wear a diaper, I say go for it. Try to keep it low-key; maybe just allow her to run around in a t-shirt (bare-bottom). Something that I found really helped when my ODS was potty-learning was to pay attention to the times he had accidents and put him on the potty shortly beforehand. Once he was going in the potty more regularly, he made the connection very fast.
My son will be a year old on May 12th, and I still can't shake my feelings of negativity stemming from his difficult birth. The resulting circumstances forced me to change other aspects of my mothering as well, and I can't help but feel that my relationship with Ezra is going to be less intimate than my relationship to Canaan. My husband and I have also been discussing a third child, and I don't know if I really want a third child yet, or if I just want to "right" my last...
It sounds kind of like he's just small-my ODS was 33" and 27 lbs for a long time-he very recently grew 3 inches and gained 6 pounds. He is a few months older than your child. I do think you might want to investigate just to be sure that his body is getting enough nutrients and make sure malabsorption isn't a factor.
I am the mom of a VERY active and rather "high-strung" toddler. I would like to try some simple yoga poses with him-I think he would enjoy it, and it would give us a specific activity together-also nice since we get less one-on-one time now. Anybody else done yoga with a toddler-what did you do and how did it go? (I plan on just doing it in our home, not going to classes).
Thanks for all the cute crafts! My ODS LOVES kitties, so I think I'll make one of those for him-YDS would like the stuffed eggs, I bet. Maybe I'll find them an egg carton-ODS really likes to put things into other things (he's commandeered my crock-pot and I'd like it back).
Can I join? I sell woolies and I'm planning to branch out into baby and toddler clothes too-I LOVE to sew.
Your mother sounds like a very self-serving person. If she is encouraging your children to disrespect their father and she herself is disrespecting you, I think it's time to move out and cut ties with her.
Totally joining this thread. I can often be heard saying that House is the best thing on television.
DH and I LOVE this show. The dialogue is very clever!
The end of the show this season was SO stupid! I can't believe they're going to have another teen pregnancy-and it's only been 6 years since I was a HS senior and we definitely weren't this focused on sex! I can't believe how self-centered and bratty Amy's character has become either-she acts like she is the only teenager who has ever had a baby! I also think that she's spiteful about letting Ricky and John spend time together-she helped create the situation!
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