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Quote: Originally Posted by kittynurse Thanks for trying but sadly this is one prediction that won't come true. Martha I'm so sorry, Martha I'm definitely not a professional, and it's also interesting to note that, after reflecting some, I was trying to be positive/hopeful when I was sensing what was going on. I have a difficult time breaking news of this level to people, so it seems that I was unconsciously trying to avoid this. I'll...
Here's my questions again, for anyone who would like to take a stab at them...I don't want them to get lost in the fray: Will Vince and I ever get back together? Will I enjoy living in Portland?
Quote: Originally Posted by Oriole Thank you Zenful! Do you see the year, by any chance? Oriole--definitely 2010
Quote: Originally Posted by kittynurse What are DH's aunt's chances of recovery? Thanks Martha She has a difficult road ahead of her in terms of healing, but over the course of the next year/year and a half, she will slowly regain her health. She will never feel the same again, though, but she will be able to live for awhile longer.
Quote: Originally Posted by lafemmedesfemmes dh and i timed dtd the best we could this past sunday. :-) were we successful? if not, will i have to wait months to try again? thanks! christina I get the sense that, yes, it was very good timing
Quote: Originally Posted by blizzard_babe I need some "Am I pregnant?" (or, "Will I be pregnant?", more like ) direction. DH and I had an "oops" moment on Saturday... I'm sensing you're going to be pregnant soon, if you're not already. By March, it feels like you will be pregnant.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommariffic Oh! How fun! My question: Am I having a boy, or girl? I've been striking out on the boy/girl questions lately. So keep that in mind when I tell you that I sense it's a girl.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oriole I feel kind of bad neglecting this thread, but I feel a bit disconnected with my cards lately. I do have two questions if anyone wants to try again. #1. Will DP have a good stable happy job soon? #2. When will I have my first baby? Thank you to everyone that's taking their time to reply. The job will come within 3 months. First baby...the first thing I sensed was "August". Maybe that means when...
Okay, now I have a couple of questions It's funny how easy it is to *see* other people's futures, but when it comes to my own I often draw a blank. It must be the emotional ties. Will Vince and I ever get back together? Will I enjoy living in Portland? Thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by greenmom4 I'm trying again... Will anything lucrative come of the volunteer pr work I'm doing? Should my h pursue his own business or focus on other employment? Yes, this will move you in the direction you'd like to go, career wise. It will also help with feeling passionate about life in general and what you feel your purpose is. I definitely get the sense he will very much enjoy being self-employed,...
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