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I'm new to Harrison from Little Rock. :) Would LOVE to find some like-minded mamas around here to hang with.
Thanks for the reply. I PMed you.
Your absolute best bet is doctor Leticia Jones at Grace Clinic for Women. She is or was recently on the AR Midwifery Board and is amazing! I've worked with her personally. My own midwife raves about her and says she is a strong proponent of VBAC. I recommended a friend to her who was pursuing a VBAC and she not only loved Dr. Jones, but she accomplished her VBAC goal!    Also, for doulas, I recommend finding someone at the Little Rock Birth Works that suits your...
Hello all. :) I'm from central AR, but within a couple of weeks will be moving up to the Harrison area with my family. I am looking for recommendations for a homebirth midwife up there. I know that there is a Candace Clarke actually in Harrison, however I can't seem to find anything about her except that she's a licensed midwife there. Can anyone give me more information on her or other midwives up there?   Also, any recommendations for non-vaccine friendly...
I am on the brink of a move to the Harrison, AR area and would love to know of a non-vax friendly ped (or, better yet, family doctor) myself. Anyone?
If you're looking for the most natural-friendly, hands-off obgyn in Central AR, I'd recommend Dr. Leticia Jones at Grace Clinic for Women. It's located in the vicinity of Baptist Hospital. She is, by far, the absolute best. She either is or was at one recent time on the AR Midwifery Board and she's amazing. If I were to deliver in a hospital again in the area, she'd be my doctor, hands...
I'll PM you too.
I have Health Advantage (a branch of Blue Cross Blue Shield) and although they do cover CNMs, you likely won't find any here who do homebirths. Even then, there are rules behind that. And they do NOT cover any other type of midwife. Bites.
PMing you. :)
I do not know of any apprentice midwives that aren't working alongside licensed midwives (therefore not reducing your costs), but I do know that Birth Works has several student doulas who are cheaper than an official doula (not free anymore, but I think the cost is around $250 or so for a student while a full cost doula is $600+). I, too, am a student doula (will be officially certified by February), but I am not a part of Birth Works.  
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