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I am so sorry for your terrible loss.
Darwin, 8 weeks old and over 17 lbs.    
I am really, really not digging tandem nursing. :(
Thanks for reading and for the lovely comments!
This is pretty disjointed, as I've been interrupted by a baby or a toddler a million times while I tried to get this down. Darwin is my third baby. My first was a planned home birth with a transfer in very early labor for thick meconium. My second was a home birth, that was rather a disaster (although everyone came through it healthy and whole) that left me feeling incredibly let down by my midwife and extremely sad and angry about that labor, birth and postpartum...
Yeah, I'm with Jane. With my ds1 two years ago, I really pushed and overdid and I wound up bleeding, fairly heavily for over 12 weeks and I felt like crap.   I am waiting 6 weeks minimum to do anything besides housework and grocery trips. And that's with a relatively easy vaginal birth.   I actually lost 5 pounds this pregnancy (was overweight to start). I have no idea what I weigh right now, but 4 days before giving birth, I was down 5 pounds from my first...
nak   He is so incredibly lovely!
Baby is 8 days old. DH needs to go back to work tomorrow. It'll be my first time alone with my toddler and newborn (my older kiddo will be at school). I'm really nervous. Anyone else flying solo yet?
Congrats! I LOVE the name Maeve so much!
This might not make any sense.. I'm not sure what it is that I want to say, but I am feeling... I don't know. guilty or something.   Darwin is perfectly healthy. He's three days old, no signs of blood sugar issues, my blood sugar was in the low 90s the one time I tested during his short labor. He's got no signs of jaundice yet. He was born quickly and easily... but I am feeling strangely guilty that he was so big. He was 9 lb, 12 oz and that was after  HUGE meconium...
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