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Darwin Jude was born at home in the water at 7:17 tonight after less than 4 hours of labor. He is 9 lb 12 oz and 21" long. We are over the moon and very in love!
I'm due today. After a week of prodromal labor, I've had no sign of labor for days now. I'm frustrated and grumpy and I just really want my baby here.
Mama, have you considered taking some Benadryl or even some Unisom at bedtime? I started taking one Benadryl at night at the suggestion of my midwife and its really been helping me with the middle of the night insomnia.
Its perfectly fine to nurse while you are ill. I hope you feel better soon!   Today is my official EDD. I really, really, really want this baby earth side!!!!!!! I got a great night of sleep last night; I went to bed early and then actually slept past 5:00 am, which has been impossible for me for some reason for the last several weeks. I was actually in bed and mostly asleep (aside from getting up to pee) for 8.5 hours!   So, hear that, baby? Today would be a REALLY great...
Yay Pi!!!!! I am THRILLED for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just went out for a really nice dinner with DH. We haven't had a date in over a year and a half. It was a great distraction and a nice pick me up.
You and me both, my dear.  
This had really, really better be my last belly shot.   39 weeks, 6 days:  
Incredible! Thank you so much for sharing. He's gorgeous!
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