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That is exactly how I am feeling.
Nothing. Prodromal labor hell.
I'm probably jinxing myself by saying this, but I think things are starting to happen here.
Ugh, last night was horrible for me. A half an hour after I laid down I started having pretty intense contractions but they were anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes apart. I kept telling myself to just go to sleep because they were way too far apart and obviously there's no danger of me sleeping through labor and if I was really going in to labor what I needed most was sleep... but every time I finally drifted off I would have another contraction. That went on until 2:30...
No.. that's my shower curtain!
I'm contracting fairly often (although not regularly or with any kind of pattern).   With my Braxton-Hicks, my belly gets tight and a little uncomfortable, but there's no pain. With my contractions I feel it basically in my belly from my ribs all down through my thighs and in my back. It has a rise and a fall and I feel sharp pains in my cervix.
Here is what I hope is my last weekly belly shot. 38 weeks, 5 days:  
Amazing! How completely wonderful!   Also? More pictures!!!!!!!
I'm 38.5 weeks today, which is exactly when I had my DS. I've been having erratic contractions since about 1:00pm, but no real pattern and intensity/frequency are not increasing. I did have a mw appointment this evening and decided to have her check me. I've never had a cervical check except in labor, because I think they are useless, but meh, I let the curiosity get the better of me. I'm 3 cm and 80% effaced. Which tells me exactly nothing, just like I knew it would.
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