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I cannot eat fruit. At all. Its totally bumming me out. I can eat ice cream, I can eat a cookie here and there. I'm actually even doing okay with bread and pasta. But any fruit, any time of day, no matter what I eat it with.. my numbers shoot up. I just ate a pretty high fat, high fiber, no carb dinner except for a small bowl of fruit, like probably one cups worth, and supposed lower glycemic fruit like strawberries and cantaloupe and blueberries and my one hour was 140....
I have gotten so much done in the last 8 or 9 days. I'm totally exhausted from it. All I really need to do now is pack a back-up hospital bag and my an iPod playlist.   I have totally been crazy nesting pregnant lady. My house is so frickin clean right now; every bit of bedding, baby clothes, linens, etc are washed. Every surface is scrubbed or dusted, every floor is clean. Drawers and clean and organized. I am ready. Watch, I'll go in to labor two weeks from now and...
I have no idea about iron levels and blood sugar, but I'd be interested in finding out.   Hang in there! I hope those 17 days fly by!
All of my numbers are dropping, which is nice. I started to get nervous around that 32 week mark. But, I'm almost 35 weeks now and all of my numbers are in a good range, even when I indulge a bit.   I never had any nst's with my last pregnancy or with this one. Am I the only here who's provider has never even brought it up?
I have a thing about dirty mirrors. I usually give mine a quick wipe down once a day.
34 weeks, 1 day  
34 weeks, 1 day:  
Yeah, I'm getting a little freaked. I've had a to do/to buy list for weeks and I just keep adding to it and not getting any of it done. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow. I had DS at 38 weeks, 4 days. Time to get on the ball!   To Buy:   Infant car seat New car seat for DS Blinds for living room Birth supplies Infant Bath Tub Toiletries for back up hospital bag     To Do:   Assemble mini crib Rearrange DS’s room Wash baby clothes Wash baby blankets,...
I've only got longies and hats. There are so many more things I want to get done before the baby gets here!                      
My next midwife appointment is the home visit! This is going too, too fast!!!!
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