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I'm grumpy today. I know I only have a short time left to deal with this (I'm 33 weeks and 1 day today) and usually I feel pretty accepting, but I'm just having a moment.   My fastings drive me nuts. I keep a tight diet, have the same snack pretty much every night, get the same general amount of sleep, mostly go to bed and wake up and test at the same time every day... but this past 10 days or so, its high for 2 days, then its totally fine for 2 to 4 days, then I get...
So what exactly is a healthy blood sugar supposed to do while we sleep? Like, in a non-diabetic or a pregnant person without GD, is it supposed to just stay fairly steady all night? Is it supposed to have a natural dip and then rise? Or a natural rise then fall?   I'm just curious. I had two days of high fastings and then today it was back to normal. I didn't really change anything up. I feel like if I had a better understanding of what its supposed to do, I could...
You look great, akind1!
Ugh, my fasting was 106 this morning. Its usually around 90. I tested twice and got the same number. I know I don't need to panic over one high reading, but its still disconcerting.   Last night I ate dinner kind of early and just felt really full after a small meal and was hungry again at 8:00 and had a second small dinner and then had my regular bedtime snack at 10:00. Maybe it was too much food too late?
Would anyone in this DDC like to participate in a discussion about overcoming/processing leftover issues from previous births?   I had a very, um, messed up home birth with my son a little over two years ago. We had a healthy outcome, but I was really, really let down and treated poorly by my midwife in many ways. I really love the midwives I have now, but I definitely have a lot of added anxiety about this coming birth as a result of my last one. Anyone else?
My DS is 27 months and is still nursing. When I got pregnant I set some really firm boundaries on nursing times. We only nurse when he wakes in the morning, before and sometimes after nap and before bed. The pain has waxed and waned. Sometimes its pain free, other times its been excrutiating.   We are starting to curb our habit of nursing to sleep at night, because that's his super long nurse and I just can't continue to nurse for 30 to 60 minutes to get him down at...
Awwww thanks! Its really nice to hear! You are looking absolutely lovely yourself!
30 weeks, 6 days:       32 weeks, 1 day (today!)      
Why on earth did you have to go 19 hours? That's crazy!   Ugh, my numbers have really crept up the last few days. Maybe its the 32 week peak? Strangely my fastings are still okay. I guess my post meal numbers are technically still okay, but they are at the high end of okay and 10 to 15 points higher than I've come to expect. Sigh.
I'm craving all the things I can't eat. I am borderline/mild gestational diabetic, and in order to keep my blood glucose numbers in check, I really cannot eat any sweets, have to limit my fruit, can't eat anything starchy or white... about the only processed carb I can eat is one whole wheat tortilla and it needs to be full of protein and fat. Oh! I should say, that I CAN actually eat a small amount (1/2 cup) of high quality ice cream, so long as I am otherwise eating...
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