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32 weeks tomorrow. I am still down one pound.
GD MAMAS!!!! VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   MAKE THIS:   http://cohorestaurant.com/recipes/dark-chocolate-mousse-recipe/   Okay, I'll stop yelling now. I just made this and its amazing. With the four eggs and heavy cream, its full of protein and fat and if you use very dark chocolate (I used 80% cacao) its actually pretty low in carbs for a super decadent dessert.   I'm just so geeked because I have been searching high and low for a low carb dessert...
Yeah, I wound up really gravitating toward my bedroom for most of the labor. I think I went out to my living room twice and never wound up using the tub.   It was not a problem having everyone in the bedroom, space wise. I was on hands and knees at the head of the bed, DH was sitting next to me and the midwife and her assistant were sitting on the bed at the foot of the bed.
I planned on having my last baby in my living room in the pool and wound up having him in bed in my (fairly small) bedroom.
I'm so sorry you are feeling so sad and discouraged.   I unofficially have mild gestational diabetes (unofficial because I declined the GTT and monitor my own numbers at home and am able to control my sugar with diet, but I was never officially diagnosed).   I'm not sure what the nurse said, but the standard cut off for the one hour test is 140, so if you were at 170, its a bit more than a couple of points.   If you do indeed have GD, its really not so terrible! I...
  The second half of pregnancy is really good to me. I spend the first half being really sick and rather depressed. But from about 20 weeks on, pregnancy really suits me. I haven't gained any weight. I don't swell at all (never have even a tiny bit with any of my pregnancies). I feel like I look really good; I tend to lose weight in my arms, legs and face when pregnant. I feel more attractive pregnant than I do any other time.   Because I am borderline...
Those of us with children in daycare are still raising our children. Kay? Thanks.
Woot! I am in some kinda sweet spot! My numbers are all so good right now! For dinner I had 2 slices of extra thin crust pizza, a ton of broccoli and some cherries and apples and my one hour was 112 and my two hour was 92. I ate some Haagen Daz this afternoon and my one hour was 115. I'm surprised that my numbers are improving instead of creeping up, but I'll take it!
I know about the boredom. I have basically three or four meals and three or four snacks that I know work reliably well and I just default to those all of the time. But it does get really, really boring. I am really sick of eggs, but they are really the only breakfast that I feel really good after and always have low numbers. But I am SO OVER EGGS!    
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