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yay- CONGRATS!  I remember posting that if I could choose I would want twin boys, and you said the same thing- and you actually got it!  How awesome is that!
awww- that is just priceless.... the pure joy on their faces!
I don't have this issue, but my butt does hurt- it's the muscles that are killing me.  I've been to the chiro and she says my pelvis is out of alignment causing muscle strain.  Also I think some sciatic stuff is happening too.  The joys of pregnancy!
I have an anterior placenta too (had it last time also).  It does stink to have to wait to feel movement until later.
I laughed at your comment about your type a or type b!  We only have a type "a".  We joke that we only have one mold.  We've had all girls, blue eyes, light brown hair and they all look super alike facially.  It's kinda crazy.  I'm so curious to see if #4 will "break the mold".
I thought about trying an enema this time.  Last time my labor progressed so fast I was in denial about what was happening.  I pooped for the whole 5 hours- I never imagined that one person could have that much in them (way tmi),  and I hadn't been constipated or anything like that beforehand.  
she told me about the net thing, but I just don't know if I could relax enough in there if I was feeling like I had to go.  I feel like I'd want to get out to go on the toilet, which would just defeat the whole thing.  then I'd just be wet and cold on top of labor.
ok, I need to confess/ ask personal stuff about water birth.  Yes, I want one very badly this time.  I wanted one last time too, but it didn't work out that way.  My birth center is very pro water birth for laboring and delivering.  With my last birth things progressed fast and I didn't make it to the tub on time.  The problem was I couldn't stay off the toilet.  I constantly had to go #1 and #2, and I kept using the toilet.  My water broke on the toilet and that was it,...
so did you have a vaginal yeast infection?  did they put you on an antifungal?  I see my midwife for a monthly check next week and will definitely be having further discussion with her.
I'm totally gonna squat!  I had another negative urine test today, so I'm accepting that this is pregnancy related and I can't control it 
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