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Meta- wishing you lots of peace and comfort as you heal and move forward.  Please keep us updated too.  Hugs.
  this exactly
I have the crazy I would like twins side too!  I found out tomorrow at my ultrasound.
I don't know, I don't think I could pull that diet off for a million dollars right now!  I just suffer through it.  But I'm not throwing up or anything, but I just feel utterly gross and queazy 24/7.  I'm pretty miserable right now.  I'm trying an amber necklace, as I read positive things about that and morning sickness, but it's not helping.  Ginger is not helping, as I have an aversion to it.  I've tried seabands in the past, and they didn't help either.  I have no...
I so want to be this way!  I told myself before we conceived that I wouldn't worry this time around, I would just be chill. But, alas, I have struggled with worry and find myself getting anxious over little things.  For me, I think that part of the hormonal changes make me very prone to anxiety just as I am extremely emotionally sensitive (crying over stupid things, etc).
I feel your pain- I have been there.  I was at the point where I could eat about 12 foods that I didn't react to.  And my kids had major restrictions too.  We were the social outcasts.  I also had chronic fatigue syndrome and a lyme diagnosis at the same time, so I was pretty much living on my couch.  I'm not there any more, and have very few food intolerances.  My kids are doing great too.  Gaps was a big part of that, for my older dd and me.  Also prayer was another...
Meta- I'm so, so sorry for your loss.  I know that pain, and it just sucks.  I hope for much healing and peace as you go forward in the coming days.  You will definitely be missed here.  Take care of yourself 
awww, that stinks that you have to wait all weekend.  a test of patience for sure.  let us know your numbers when you get them.  Now that I had mine done, I'm always interested in other women's numbers.  Sound like it's good news to me.  What else did they test for beside betas?
Inna- hopefully you will feel more human once you hit the second trimester.  I always have.  But yes this part is not fun.  But the benefit of the brain fog is that it serves as a sort of amnesia- you'll forget just how much it sucked and you won't remember exactly what you're feeling right now.  It sort of works the same for giving birth- at least for me.  Last time, I was like oh I remember that this is what it feels like- I hate this, and sersiously wondered why I...
thanks for all this info ladies.. it's helpful to hear how it works for others.  In reading through your lists, I feel like we are already doing a good portion of those.   We own both of our vehicles outright  and they're older, so we pay lower insurance/taxes.  The thing is we need to start saving for replacement ones, since these won't last forever.   We do have a land line, but only use trac phones for cells.  These are only for emergencies and are prepaid.   We...
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