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Also FF says not to do any adjustments for daylight savings, and that our bodies usually adjust within a day or so.
I thought that you could just adjust it one-tenth of a degree up or down for every half hour you wake early or late.  I do this and get very consistent results.  Although I usually wake at 5.  I've woken up at 4 and had to pee really bad, so I'll just take my temp and add 2 tenths of a degree to it.
yes, let us know!
Expired tests are completely not valid.  You need to retest with a non-expired test.  I tested neg. with an expired test and then retested with a new test and got a positive.  I also did a lot of research on expired tests and found out that the chemical in them that reacts to hcg weakens over time and there is an expiration date on there for a reason!
I have a random question.  Does anyone know if you can release two eggs from the same ovary (in the same cycle)?  I had seriously strong pain on my left side for about 6 hours the evening I think I ovulated (I had a pos. OPK early that morning and other signs of impending O too).  I NEVER get painful ovulation signs like that.  I had to lay on the couch and not move and had a hard time falling asleep. I've been praying for twins- I know it's crazy but I just want them,...
scjp- that is fertile cm, you definitely want to be bding now!   Please move me to waiting to know FINALLY!!  I wasn't completely sure of ovulation this month- I think I had a slow rise and a fallback rise.  I think I'm 4 dpo now.   Being my first post partum cycle, it has definitely been a bit wonky, with a longer follicular phase then I normally would have.  So we'll see what happens this month.  I was looking back on my old charts from before dd3 and I sometimes had...
Rosie, I use YS Organic Bee Farms royal jelly in honey.  I take 1 tsp. 2x day.  I did a lot of research a few years ago ( before becoming preggo with dd3) and that seemed to be the specific one that many women recommended on various threads and forums.  What you have may be fine but you might want to look into this one in particular. My DH wouldn't take vitamins either.  But I finally convinced him to let me buy him one of those days of the week pill boxes and to put the...
Innacircle- have you tried royal jelly and/or ubiquinol for egg health?  If not, you should do some research- lots of great info out there.
thanks nikwhit.  You put a tiny amount of baking soda (via your finger) in the vagina.  http://genderselectionhq.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/baking-soda-and-conceiving-a-boy/
Ha- I can be pretty random! Katealicia- Welcome!  I do remember you!  And I have to agree that your symptoms do sound promising.  Here's hoping we can both be in the same due date club again!  I am personally stressing a bit.  I have been having ewcm for 5 days now, the last time we bd was friday night.  I was pretty sick this weekend and felt bad.  Last night I was hoping it would happen, but dh is in a weird place (I know he wants another, but he has fear b/c he is the...
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