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Ha- I can be pretty random! Katealicia- Welcome!  I do remember you!  And I have to agree that your symptoms do sound promising.  Here's hoping we can both be in the same due date club again!  I am personally stressing a bit.  I have been having ewcm for 5 days now, the last time we bd was friday night.  I was pretty sick this weekend and felt bad.  Last night I was hoping it would happen, but dh is in a weird place (I know he wants another, but he has fear b/c he is the...
I'd like to join you ladies too... ttc #4 while nursing my almost 1 year old.  I think a new thread would be helpful, I know I've shyed away from this thread b/c it seemed like a small established group already.
You're probably right.  I'm just feeling impatient right now.  I had 3 days of ewcm, but today it's just wet (tmi).  Anyway, I guess this could take a while.
Can just a cold delay ovulation?  I'm on CD 18 and still no O.  I have a moderate cold with no fever- I just feel crappy.  Would this delay things?
Of all the stinking days for my bbt thermometer to die!!  I took my temp this morning and when I went to check the thermometer later, it was completely dead!  CD 17 about to O any time.  
Still negative OPK, but more ewcm today.  Not waiting anymore!  My temp was still low this morning so I know that I'm still good.   I don't know my cycle length, since this is the first cycle since having dd3 almost a year ago.  I used to be around 31 days.
Do you have any links to any of this info?  Is the higher vaginal ph theory still supposed to sway boy?  I'm planning on using baking soda before bd.  I'm not going all crazy with diet and supplements though.
So, I spoke too soon.  I noticed a lot of EWCM this morning, but the OPK is still negative.  This is the first time I've ever used OPK's- these are the d$llar store kind.  The thing is that we're also trying to sway boy, so I'm trying to time bd as close to O as possible.  Should I wait for a positive OPK?  I don't want to miss the egg!
CD 15, negative OPK yesterday and really not much cm to speak of.  I'm 11 months postpartum and this is the first cycle since AF showed up.  Feeling very impatient!  Had a rough week with dd3 this week, and there were moments where I thought why do I want another one?  But still I do.  I must be insane.
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