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Just yesterday, while waiting for my older girls at their swim lesson, a mom and her little son came over to say hi to Genevieve.  The mom asked me what her name was, and when I told her she replied, "Oh, that's such a popular name now!"  I was so annoyed.  I mean what parent wants their kid's name to be popular?  We purposefully chose something out of the top 100 for that reason.  Genevieve is still in the 200's somewhere- so, no, not super popular.  I would never say...
yes, I'm in too!
Ha!  I got a similar thing at the grocery store a few months ago.  Genevieve was snuggly in the baby K'tan and the bagger (elderly man) said "Does she ever fall out of that?"  Um- oh yeah all the time, but I keep putting her in it.  I just said, no.  
We waited to start Genevieve on solids until almost 7 months.  We have a strong family history of food allergies... dd1 has celiac and multiple allergies, dd2 has multiple allergies and dh and I have sensitivites.  After reading research about reducing the risk of allergies by waiting until at least 6 months for solids, we decided to be really cautious.  We're not doing any grains until after a year based on weston a. price research- babies don't have adequate enzyme...
yes, it's baltic amber.  I made sure that I was buying the real deal as I'd heard about fakes out there.  
Personally, I don't think the amber necklace is doing anything- I know that many people rave about them.  But, Genevieve has had such a rough time with teething and she wears it all the time.
Genevieve is now working on cutting the top right center tooth!   And we're back to fussy crabby time- day and night.  Praying it breaks through soon!
Genevieve just got her two bottom teeth last week.  They finally cut through after two full weeks of misery (both hers and mine).  She didn't sleep and was super fussy the whole time.  I can hardly wait for the others to come :-/   She has a baltic amber necklace too, but I don't think it did much.  But, then again, I wonder how much worse it might have been.
it sounds like maybe he got in the habit of waking so frequently.  will he sleep in a swing?  dd2 slept in that thing for her first 7 months.  It was what worked, and honestly I didn't care if she slept hanging upside down from the chandelier, I just wanted her to SLEEP!
with my 2nd dd sex was really uncomfortable for at least 6 months- I can only describe it as a rugburn feeling (even with lubricant).  And I have no idea why since I didn't even tear with her.  But it did heal and things went back to normal, but it took time.
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