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ok, so here's my big belly at 13w 4d... I've been in maternity clothes since 10 weeks, and I've never been this big this soon in any of my previous pregnancies.  Oh, and my belly was totally flat when I got pregnant.    
interesting.  I had an us at 6w5d that showed only one, but it does make me wonder.  I've never measured larger in any of my other pregnancies.  I have a mw appointment on tues, so I'll see what she says about it then.
So I was feeling for my uterus this morning, and it's right up under my belly button- at 13 weeks 3 days.  That seems really soon to me.  From what I was reading on the internet it seems like it should be just a bit above my pubic bone at this point.  This is #4 so I don't know if that would cause my uterus to become large so quickly.   Can anyone else feel their fundus at this point?
Congrats!! Girls are wonderful!
We just really love the name and the overall meaning of 'spiritual leader' is a name that we'd love to give a child.
no, we're not catholic, but protestant (non-denomination)
You can still make strong connections/friendships once dd arrives.  I found with my first dd that I desperately needed other mom/adult interaction on a very regular basis.  Staying home all the time with just the baby would have been isolating (for me).  I joined moms groups and attended story times/ breastfeeding support groups,etc.  And made some lasting friendships.   I felt like it was important to have a community once I was a mom- and it was really healthy for my...
We're going to tell the kids this weekend, and then tell my dad and the rest of our extended family next weekend.  We already told mil (she was trying to get us to commit to vacation plans in august and we had to explain why we couldn't really do that).  Everyone in my church knows, but they see me every week and it's way obvious.  It's kinda funny that my kids are so oblivious though- we even asked them if they'd like to have another baby in the family.  I won't do any...
such a cute bump!  My bump is about that size, but it's my 4th!   I'm surprised you're that big already, since you've never had all those uterine/abdominal muscles stretched out yet!  Are you sure there's just one (jk!)  Everyone is different.  
here too!  There's way more junk- and carbs!  than we usually have and dh and kids are loving it!  
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