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14 w 1 d
I called mw and went in for a quick check- she couldn't find it either (and tried 2 different dopplers).  I now have an ultrasound in an hour.  I'm trying to keep it together right now, but I'm struggling- and my 2 older girls are home from school and I can't find any childcare for them, so they have to come with us.... so, not what I want right now.  Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.
So I was able to hear the heartbeat at home last week, and heard it at the mw office on tuesday.  This morning my bump felt a bit smaller to me, so I just wanted some reassurance, but I cannot find the heartbeat- I tried for a long time.  I thought I was hearing movement, but I'm not sure.  I'm thinking of calling my mw, but I kinda feel silly.  But on the other hand I'm kinda feeling freaked out.  Uggghh, I hate this.
I was actually going to say this too- there is a third option in this situation.  I know that none of your options are easy in any way.  I keep thinking about how I would feel if I got the diagnosis of downs or anything else for this little one.  I'm not having the mat21 test, but will be having a 20 week fetal scan- when you take the leap to conceive you just never know what may happen.   It was so strange that right before I logged on here the other night and first read...
so sorry Crickets- I'm so shocked with you.  I can't imagine what you're going through right now, and my prayers are with you and your dh.   I wanted to share this link- it is a blog of a woman who has a dd with downs (and found out at birth), but she documents the life of her family beautifully (she's an amazing photographer), but she also has some resources there for those who have received a diagnosis during...
yes, I had an u/s at 6 weeks showing one, but this measuring large thing is vastly different than my last pregnancies.  It makes sense that the more you have that even your uterus can lose tone.  I've heard that many dr.s don't measure fundal height before 20 weeks, I don't know why they do it so early there.
I was just confused about my mw measurement today.  My uterus is at my belly button, but she measure with the tape measure and said that I was 14 cm.  I'm confused by that because everywhere I read says that uterus should be at the belly button at 20 weeks, and that the cm's should correspond to the number of weeks that you are.  Anyone know?   Also she had a hard time finding a heartbeat.  Then finally she put it up high near my belly button and found it.  There was a...
Mine did not regain perkiness, but maybe that's because I'm a ripe old 37?  But maybe yours will.  Maybe I just got bad boob genes- I don't know.  But, yes, a good bra for sure!
sadly yes (while not pregnant or bf), and even more sad is that I think it gets a bit worse after each kid.
yes, deflated is a good description.  The complete opposite of perky.
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