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we have dealt with extensive food allergies/sensitivities as well as celiac disease (dd1 was diagnosed at 3).   I would try an elimination diet- the 2 biggest culprits are usually dairy and wheat/gluten.  Maybe you could start with dairy for 2 weeks and see what happens.  There could be others, but those are most often the main ones.
I'm so sorry for your loss- I hope for much healing and peace for you.
I had this during my last pregnancy around 20 something weeks.  The weird thing for me was that I had some unexplained bizarre symptoms throughout my pregnancy, such as burning when I peed, and just vaginal burning/irritation in general. I was also really red down there.  I also felt a strange pressure like I had to pee all the time.  I had so many uti tests and vaginal cultures- all negative.  Around 26 ? weeks I tested positive for bv.  I tried to treat it naturally with...
I've used milk thistle in pregnancy in capsule form- it is safe.  I can't say I've ever felt like it's helped ms though, but yes it is very gentle liver support and also has lots of nutrients in it.
sounds like a good plan Motivated.  Would you consider a doula also?  Then you would have someone who could make sure and advocate for your birth plan and wishes.  I had 2 natural hospital births and had a doula both times.  If I ever give birth in a hospital again, I wouldn't do it without a doula.   I hear you all on the epidural.  I remember my last birth, which was pretty fast 5 hours, but I gave birth in less than an hour by the time I got to the birth center (on...
Yes, I just posted about this last week.  I got a reprieve around 7.5 weeks and it made me very nervous.  I had a day where I got a ton done and had almost no nausea.  The nausea has come back,but no where near what it was.  The fatigue varies from day to day and time of day.  I'm 8.5 weeks now and still have mild and variable symptoms.  I don't recall this in previous pregnancies though.
Love the announcement idea Motivated!  I'm sure your parents are going to be pretty shocked- although happily I hope.   AFM- My lungs feel weird- kinda tight/tickly maybe slightly burning/irritated, it's hard to describe.  It's been going on for 2 weeks now and I've been trying to ignore it, and just avoid dairy.  I think it's getting worse, and it's definitely not getting better.  It's making me nervous.  I really hate antibiotics- my gut never responds well to that....
I was thinking/hoping twins too.  This is #4 for me and there are a couple sets on my mom's side.  Our ultrasound at 6 w 5 days showed only one, however I still kinda keep hoping there's a bonus one hiding out in there too!  Crazy, for sure, but I read lots of stories of women who had early ultrasounds that showed 1, only to have a later ultrasound show 2.  I just feel so much worse this time around, and I am seriously huge.  I was thinking that I need to post a belly pic...
I'm normally a chocolate addict- the really dark kind, like at least 70% cacao or more.  But since being pregnant, I cannot eat it.  I've even tried and it did not taste good and it made me feel ill.  It's processed carbs for me... popcorn, chips, bread, white rice.  
I made chicken and rice soup tonight too- I had been thinking about it for days.  It was really good!
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