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you are not supposed to sleep on your back- I'm not sure exactly when but sometime in the 2nd trimester.  It's b/c of the vein that carries oxygen/blood can become squished b /c of the weight of your uterus pressing on it.  I found that sometime after 10 weeks with my last pregnancy I was uncomfortable on my back and couldn't breathe well.  Unfortunately the pregnancy sleeping thing just gets worse the farther along you get 
I'm the same way, in that I don't sleep well with dh in the bed in pregnancy.  I need lots of space and can't stand him touching me.  Of course, our mattress isn't the greatest, we bought a pillow top a few years ago and it was never good, the middle is concave when 2 people are on it.  When I'm not pregnant this doesn't bother me, but when I get to the point where I can't sleep on my back I'm in agony.  I have to put all these egg crate things on it, so that my hips don't...
yep, we're expecting #4!!
yay for a heartbeat, and healthy measurements!
I had this too after my last pregnancy, I didn't get it tested until a few months before I got pregnant this time.  The dr. failed to tell me my tsh was really low!  I only found out about that when I went in at 5 weeks pregnant to get my hcg levels tested.  She remembered my results and said oh we should retest your thyroid.  It changed to hypothyroid and my tsh was high.  
I should also add that I already gained 6.5 pounds  ... not so joyous.  But this always, always happens to me in the first trimester- I get the carb cravings and the exhaustion, so that I'm laying around all the time, and the pounds just pack right on.  It does level out as things progress, but it sucks b/c I just feel so chunky right now.   I wasn't at all overweight to start out with, but I can't wait until the bump eclipses the width of my backside!
We're waiting until the 2nd trimester, but will probably take a picture with all of our shoes lined up with a chalk-written plus sign and then some baby booties then "= 6"  Something like that anyway.  
You should have your thyroid levels checked.  I was diagnosed hypothyroid this pregnancy (never had it before).  I was freezing all the time.  I started taking a natural thryoid hormone and am feeling much warmer now.  I also got my lab results today and my thyroid levels are much improved.  Your baby needs thyroid hormone from you to continue to grow and develop, you really want to have optimal levels, so that baby gets all it needs.  There are risks to having a low...
I had my first prenantal appointment with my midwife this morning, and we were able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler!  At only 9 weeks 4 days!  It was for only about 30 seconds before she lost it, but it was so reassuring.  She was really surprised that we were able to hear it, and said that usually it doesn't happen that early.   It's weird b/c I had an early ultrasound and saw the heart beating, but for some reason hearing it today made it all seem more real.
We found out with all 3 of our girls- I'm kind of a planner and really like to be prepared.   Plus I like having the name figured out ahead of time (each time our names have fit them perfectly).  But we don't tell anyone IRL the name ahead of time- no need to hear comments or opinions.   We will be finding out this time too... if it's a boy then we will need to get some non girly things.  It's hard to imagine I'm having a boy though- it's almost like I don't know if...
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