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I'm still nursing my 3.5 year old. But things are drying up. One side is completely dry and the other is also running out. I heard only one swallow in 10 minutes. So I think that this might be the end of the road until the next one comes around.
Makes me think of virility. I'm not sure id name my son something like that.
Hi Everyone. Prone_to_wander due August 1st.
My son calls me goes between calling me mama, mom and honey. He picked up calling me Honey somewhere and I just love it so much. He did briefly go through a stage where he called me by my first name but I told him that mama was my special name that he called me, so could he call me that. But then he just started calling me honey. And I love it so much.
I think much of what you described is your child going through is a developmentally appropriate push for independence. I would suggest the book Unconditional Parenting. I try and 'work with' my little one to see if we can come to a mutual agreement. And I constantly re-evaluate if what I'm asking of him is reasonable both developmentally and just on a person to person level. I found that for myself, that I need to have a good reason for demanding that my child do...
My ds is almost always either laughing or jumping or both. He is so sweet and open to new things. He calls me honey instead of mama. He can get completely absorbed in his task that he completes tasks that are above what he might normally do, but because he is able to concentrate, he is able to figure it out. And he shows me that he loves me.
I would also suggest Sparkle Stories. We have a subscription and his playing by himself often coincides with me putting on one of the stories. We have Martin and Sylvia at home.
I was thinking it would be ok if everyone could come here, but my mom claims there isn't enough space (it would be cosy). Renting a big house for the holidays is out of our budget.   There isn't really a better time for my parents to come. They might come this Easter, but that is right around the corner, so I'm not sure they'll actually come.   Onlyzombiecat - how did you tell your family the change of plans? I guess I'm a people-pleaser and I hate that my mom is...
I think the unique thing about my situation is that my family and my in-laws both live in the same state, but on opposite ends. The culture of driving isn't one where you can fly 6 hours and only see one family. The culture is so that it is unacceptable for you to not drive the 4 hours to see the other family.   And I don't really mind going. I don't even mind driving to go see the other family, especially as I want to be with my family. We spend two weeks in my home...
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