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Why does it have to be, one is more important than the other? Humans are complex beings with the ability to hold different priorities at different times. Love your husband, make sure you are showing it. Love your kid, make sure you're showing it. Love yourself, make sure you have time for this. We all have the ability to love and care for multiple people at the same time.
I had a really rough beginning with my DS and it seemed like it took forever to get over the hump. I ended up with a month long battle with thrush (that we didn't know was thrush). I used a nipple shield to allow the girls to heal a bit and then weaned him off of it and now he is almost a year and we are still going strong. But everyone kept telling me his latch was right, I just needed to power through. (before they figured out it was thrush) you can do it mama! Give...
I don't have a bike here, but I would totally do it if I had a bike.
I can't believe your mom. I'm sure she never needed help when she was actively parenting. What a crock. I am really beginning to dislike this notion that women need to martyr themselves for their kids. Get some help, have your shower and do what you need to do.
So we have our 5(ish) year old rescue Bassett hound. We've had him maybe 6 months now. He has some back leg issues which we are treating, but he'll probably have some pain for most of his life. (he spent the first 5 years of his life caged most of the time). I had been here before asking for advice because he nipped my ds who was crawling at the time. It was scary and I felt like a disappointment. Well we separated them by a huge baby gate. Doozer has his space, and ds...
I know this post is mostly about girls but I thought I'd share my 2 cents. We live in Hong Kong and I cannot go anywhere without someone telling me how big my ds's eyes are and how beautiful he is. And the thing about living here is that I find people have no qualms about pointing out your features, good or bad. I also get lots of how beautiful I am and how big my eyes are(he got them from me but I also have coworkers pointing out the massive zit on my face and telling me...
It was horrible. We had 2 minutes to read a scenario then Ding a bell would ring and we had 8 minutes to talk to the interviewer and then Ding onto the next room for 10 questions. Never once was I asked why I wanted to be a midwife or were any of the questions related to midwifery. The questions were like: you are in charge of the summer Olympics there isn't enough space for all the sports which 3 sports would you cut from this list of 30 sports? brutal.
Hey midwives, I'm on my way to the interview to get into midwifery school in Canada. Anyone have any words of wisdom?
I'd re-think leaving your little one alone with the dog.
Hey Ami, Are you sure your supply is tanking? From what you mention it sounds like he is reverse cycling. Meaning he us making up for any lost feeds at night. As far as falling of his weight percentage, I'd make sure he was bring charted on the WHO chart and I'd look to see if he is doing any extra activity to see if that is leading to a slowdown of weight gain.
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