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Does this help? http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/bloodystool.html And as for his congestion, I think lots of new babies are congested. I used to put a few drops if breastmilk in each nostril. It helped. Good luck mana!
Just a question but Are you micromanaging him? If I thought my spouse was micromanaging my spending, I'd be annoyed. But if he really is as clueless about money as you say I say, agree on a budget for him to cover all of his expenses reasonably like gas, food from gas stations ect. And when that runs out, no more, no exceptions. And when I say reasonable, give for some wiggle room so if he wants something, he can save up for it, or he can blow it on stupid things like...
He may be working on walking. I dint think its his teeth because he isn't showing any other signs. Its getting to the point where every time he feeds at night he is biting me too. Arg! I guess there goes that lovely nursing him back to sleep.
So my DS is almost 10 months old and he seems to be cycling through sleeping well during the night one week and the next week he wakes up screaming every hour. Do you wise folk have any idea what is going on? Is it developmental? I'm just ragged from waking up with him every hour. Sometimes he takes the breast and settles down and sometimes not. I really appreciate any ideas here.
I say read him the riot act. Seriously? You are not his maid. You sound like you're doing a great job under the circumstances. Being part of the family means that you participate but helping out. If my DH did complained to me about the things yours is, I'd go ballistic on him. I'm not much for holding back my words. Perhaps other posters can give you more constructive ways of approaching this problem. But rant away girlfriend...you're justified.
can i sign up? I'm 5'5 and 155lbs. Just before my I had my DS I was in the best shape I had ever been in. But I'm back to my heaviest (before my DS). My goal weight is 125. I'm trying to exercise everyday (even if for just a few minutes) And, I'm going to try running.
I was bullied into continuous monitoring and I wish it was the hill I chose to die on. It made my contractions so much more painful. Even though I had the wireless one, I felt my movement was restricted. Everytime I bent over it stopped working and I'd be in the middle of a contraction and they would be tugging on the straps. Next time, it'll be my hill to die on.
I second the pp suggestion of dropping some breastmilk in the nose. It helps my ds breathe easier.
Let's say that you wanted to buy a house and you had about $50,000 for a down payment. The main problem is that you don't know where you are going to live because you're planning on going back to school and where you live depends on where you get into school. As well, your last 2 years of school are probably not going to be in the city the school it in.   We are still so unstable, it seems crazy to buy at this point, but I feel like we should be putting our money...
Eats on Feets changed its name because the woman who started it has sent cease and desist letters to all the groups using the name. She is apparently trying to copyright the name.
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