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I'd be calling the dr with a baby so young.
We either bath him in the kitchen sink OR we have baths with him. SO if he does stand up, we are in the bath with him and it feels much safer than leaning over the tub holding onto a slippery baby.
Thank you so much everyone, especially KayTeeJay. I am really an animal owner for life and not one to fob off my responsibilities. I honestly balled my eyes out when I thought we needed to send him back to the rescue. We have DS and Doozer completely seperated by a large baby gate that spans the width of our living room now, so I'm feeling much better about the immediate situation. We haven't crate trained him, although we need to do so soon because we are planning on...
My 8.5 month old kamikaze DS fell off some playground equipment and landed directly on the top of his head. It was about a foot off the ground and onto that cushy playground stuff they have these days. He cried for maybe 5 minutes, nursed and then was ready to play again. I wouldn't be concerned except that he has been fussy all day today and his soft spot feels strange, like the bump from the fall is half on the soft spot and half off. Does anyone see anything to be...
We've separated our house to dog house and baby house and we'll keep them completely away from each other. He is the most laid-back dog I've ever seen, which is why I've been lax. But I understand my responsibility to train him. We have a live-in helper (nanny) who enjoys being with the dog, but doesn't know much about training him. I've taken over dog duties and once I get him on the right track, I'll train everyone else how to train the dog. I'm grateful that we got a...
I am certain that this is mostly my fault. I have a really big heart for animals, but I don't know what to do when a problem shows up.We have a (they think) 2 year old basset hound rescue. He was a sire in a terrible puppy farm that got broken up. He was obviously abused and had spent most of his life in a cage (his back legs are deformed but have gotten much better since taking him) I also have an 8 month old baby who recently learned to crawl. A couple of days ago, the...
Are you sure you aren't letting down? I never felt anything when I let down, the milk just flowed.
Where do you want to go? We are going to Malaysia next month with our 7 monther DS. Babies are portable. I don't see how they could hinder any realistic vacation.
Iphone app
My DS tickles and scratches me on my side when he nurses and my chest looks like I got into a fight with a weasel. Those little finger nails are so sharp! I ask him to be gentle, or I say let's not sctrach mommy, but he just laughs. I'm trying to use ridirection also.
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