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I get 10 weeks mat leave at 7/8th pay and we manage to time things perfectly so that we go directly into summer holidays! so I get about 15 weeks leave. Then, I have to go back. I would much prefer a longer leave (If I were in my home country, Canada, I'd get a year)
Just in the last couple of days, I have been having some fairly awful lower back pain. I went in yesterday for a massage and walked out feeling fine. But this morning, it started back up again. The therapist said I shouldn't use a heat pack on it because it is my lower back, but it is pretty high on my pain scale. Maybe a 5 or 6. I don't take medication, unless it is like a 8 or 9. So my questions are: Is there anything I can do right now? I'm going to prenatal yoga...
We have a cleaner who comes in once a week and cleans our 700sf apartment for HKD$300 or about US$40. We live in Hong Kong. We do a quick tidy but she clean the bathroom, does the dishes, floors, laundry, ironing and dusting in 4 hours. I love having her. My DH works from home and she just works around him.
I can't answer question number 1, but I can give my experience with #2. I gave my cervix a feel the other day and it was a wee bit soft and a teeny bit open.(like you can't even put a finger in it.) So I panicked and got it checked out. I have been told that I should keep my hands away from my cervix and the GP I saw was really hesitant to feel it for me in case it caused a miscarriage. She said it seemed fine to her and not to worry. But 1-2 cm seems really big to...
My DH and I talk about "toeing the company line." We are a unit. When we make decisions, we make them together and are a united front whenever we deal with family. What a crappy situation. You DH's mother is an adult. If she wants to see your DH at Christmas, she should treat you better. You are his wife. He should ensure you are treated well within his family. What catty ridiculousness. My own mother went through something similar with my dad's mom. She wasn't...
I find that if my sleep is disturbed, the headaches are worse. You could also look at your diet. My friends were buying us this really strong cheese that seemed to add to the headaches. I did homeopathy, acupuncture and massage all together and that was also very good. But I must say that when I don't get enough sleep, that is when I get headaches.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamaonthefarm Is it a finger-width open? Is this your first pregnancy? In my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies, I am always a finger-width open. I don't know about the 1st pregnancy. Are you having toning contractions? This is my first pregnancy. I guess it was about a finger-width open. I just started panicking when I realized that it was soft and open. What are toning contractions? I feel some pressure down in my...
Also I'm 15 weeks
So I've been having some pressure on my cervix. I was usually thinking it was gas..ate too much...any number of other pregnancy related woes. But after feeling it a bit strongly this morning I decided to have a feel. My cervix is high up, but felt soft to me and kind of open...should I call my midwife? Anyone else have this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tenk BOY mama!!! I was feeling the boy vibes....Although my DH rolls his eyes because I insist on using the male pronoun for the wee one. We will be waiting until the birth to find out for sure....so, we'll let you know come May/June.
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