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So I have an ultrasound appointment on friday and I don't know if i should go. (I ended up with the appointment because I live in HK and no one explains anything to me here. I literally had no idea what kind of appointment I was booking until it was booked and it took over an hour for them to book it.) I am 12 weeks. I talked to my OB friend and she said I should go because then they'll know for sure what my dates are so I could avoid being induced. B But she...
I often feel this way. Like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have lots of anxiety which I've been moderatly successful dealing with it. But I totally have moments where I think...everything is so perfect, something terrible is going to happen. I always love going to see counselors. I find they are really able to help me refocus.
Here in HK they don't like you to eat watermelon...based off of Chinese medicine. There are LOTS of things they suggest you shouldn't eat...even mangoes. One thing I learned was that Green papaya can encourage contractions and should only be eaten late in the 3rd trimester.
Today was much better. I had a decent breakfast and my DH sent some yummy treats with me to school. Thank you again. You guys really helped me think more positively.
Thank you so much guys. I just started crying when you replied. I feel like such a terrible almost-mom and I just can't get the gumption to do anything else about it. DeChiRi-I think it is a good idea to try and add one good thing slowly. Thanks so much for your support. I've been feeling a bit alone in all of this.
I feel like I haven't been doing a good enough job eating properly for this baby. I'm feeling really upset about it. I am eating around the same that I did before I got pregnant. I am taking a prenatal...but sometimes I forget. This week I forgot often. I've been drinking chocolate milk...because I honestly can't stand the taste of regular milk. I've been eating more rice at lunch, but less everything else. The auntie at my kindergarten here in HK makes our lunches but...
I want fresh white bread and cheese whiz. I can't remember the last time I have ever eaten Cheeze Whiz....but man do I want some now.
Ok. thanks everyone. I am 10 weeks and I thought that uterus stretching phase might have been over....that's why I was worried...but I'm feeling much more relaxed about it. You guys are the best!
Hey all, So I have been feeling pretty horrible these past couple of days. I'm really tired, and M/S has shown up again at times. I also have some cramping? Well kind of like cramping....some pain around my belly. The pain isn't intense...I'd say it is like a 3/10. And comes and goes. I have no bleeding. Should I be worried or is this general pregnancy pain? Thanks ladies
I mostly listen to Canadian indie rock/pop. I'm really into Mother Mother, The Weakerthans, Christine Fellows, The Dudes and Gentleman Reg right now. I also really love Frightened Rabbit but they aren't Canadian, they're Scottish. They have a great song "Old Old Fashioned". It makes me very happy to hear it.
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