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Heads up friends, with only one post under the belt... I'd consider the OP a possible troll.
We'll say something like, "Hey DS we are gentle with the kitty. We give nice pats like this."And we show him nice pats and then he usually gives the cat some nice pats. And then I turn my head and he hurts the cat again. Seconds after we talked about it.
My 2 year old DS is just.not.listening. I am at the end of my tether.   He used to stay on the sidewalk and stopped when I asked him to. Not anymore. Last week he RAN IN FRONT OF A CAR!!!!!!!! I was one step behind him, and thank heavens it swerved! Today he ran out of the back door of a cafe into a parking lot. I don't want to go on walks with him anymore. He spend the entire time in the stroller, except when we're in a park where I have lots of room to catch him if...
Hey Ladies,   I've sent you both PMs...Would you still care to hang out?
A midwife in Ontario is a primary caregiver, so she would do all of your prenatal visits, unless there was a reason to involve a physician. I think that the second you get pregnant, you should contact the midwifery group. There are many people turned away due to lack of midwives.
Ikea has cloth baby dolls here in Canada. The really sweet and so cheap. $10!
I would rent a steam cleaner, like for the floors and use it on the couch
I lived in Hong Kong and we also had a struggle with roaches. Yuck! The thing that worked the best for us was to make it impossible to get in. Cauking, and wire mesh. Then we made sure there was no place within the house they were hiding. All food items were in glass or plastic (hard plastic) containers and dishes were done immediately. After we did that, we didn't have an issue. Although, we used to keep our shoes outside until I put my foot in a shoe that was...
How would weaning her help her eczema? I'd get to a naturopath.
If the school knows that there is a bullying situation going on, what are they doing about it?
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