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I totally tested again this morning. It just reassures me to have those 2 red lines.
I'm feeling run down and tired. If I can make it be bed by 9, I'm a happy girl. Bit of tummy unhappiness. I had some cramping last night. And my lower back was so sore yesterday.
Thanks everyone. I think we will wait, even if it means a couple of years. Today we bought a shrub and planted it where he used to go for walks, in his memory and now we'll take walks together to go and water it.
EDD: June 1, 2010 Name: Deb Age: 28 Location: Hong Kong Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): My amazing and nerdy DH: D and one cat: Caramel Baby's Gender (hopes or guesses): I think it is a boy. I just have a feeling. Names you like: thinking. I LOVE the name Otis, but my DH hates it. Birth Plans/Preferences: I'm going to give birth in a public hospital here in HK, but I will hopefully be able to hire a MW to help me stay home as long as possible. (It is...
I've done 4 sticks. Last month I had a chemical, so I'm worried about the positive lines disappearing....but they keep on showing up clear and dark! I did get one neg. when I went to the clinic to get my referral for Maternity care. But it looked like the nurse had drowned the stick! I'm waiting for my more accurate test results, but I tested the sample I sent into them and it was positive as well. I'm so happy. It is only our second month trying. I really want this...
Yeah. Add me as a BFP on the OP. And if anyone has any extra sticky baby dust they want to pass on my way, let me know.
So this weekend, my dog was hit by a car and died. He was 2 years old. He had run away from my husband, who found him a couple minutes after he had been hit. We are devastated and miss him terribly. I'm wondering if we should consider getting a new dog. I don't want to rush into anything. I thought he would be the dog that my children would grow up with and I'd still like them to be able to have a dog growing up. However, we obviously don't want to get one right away...
Hey ladies, It looks like I've graduated to a BFP!
So, let's move it to a BFP for me! I haven't actually heard back from the clinic yet, but the test that I did using the same urine was instantly positive. And there isn't an AF to be found.
What about gifts other than Christmas?
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