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I am an English Teacher in a kindergarten in Hong Kong. Most days I find my work pretty fulfilling but I can get really bored because I have lots of time on my hands. I've been playing with the idea of either getting my Masters of Education or just completely changing places and becoming a midwife. While I'm in HK, I will need to teach though because it is how we manage to have a visa to stay here. I might be more interested in getting a job at a International...
Monday Check-In: Name:Prone_to_wander Date: September 21 Chart: Where are you in your cycle: 2ww Appointments: Clinic today Symptoms if they apply: Testing: Twice yesterday, twice today Thoughts: But I'm hesitant to declare a 100% bfp because last month I had a chemical. All of my home tests in the last two days are VERY clear that I'm pg, however when I went to the clinic today their crappy test was negative. So they are going to re-try a more accurate urine...
I might go insane. I tested again this morning and the second time I test....it didn't work properly...again. I've used up all of my lovely morning pee and the test is broken again!!! I'm going to have to give clearblue a piece of my mind. The biggest problem is that on both of the tests there is the beginning of a bfp! This is a very bad start to my day.
ug. I have a wretched head cold but I can't take anything for it because I "might" be pg. I am 11 DPO and decided I was allowed to test because I was feeling so horrible and the test was broken!!! I sent DP out to buy more because I am so miserable and it is the only thing that is making me feel better. That and the copious amounts of garlic I'm eating
Hi Ladies. Mind if I join? I'm 9 DPO and I REALLY want to test. I feel like I'm imagining all sorts of symptoms for myself...but maybe they're real. Yesterday, I think I had implantation cramps. I think. But I don't want to get my hopes up. I had cramps and they were unlike AF cramps. I'm trying very hard to wait until FF says I should test. I'm not sure I'll last.
Monday Check-In: Name: prone_to_wander Date: Sept 14 Chart: Where are you in your cycle: 2ww Appointments: Symptoms if they apply: Testing: I don't want to get any hopes up, so I'm waiting to test Thoughts: This whole 2 week wait SUCKS! Also 4 students at my school (I'm a teacher) have confirmed cases of swine flu. Perhaps I could have chosen a better time to TTC.
What about learning a language? You don't nessesarily need to take a class, but rather pick up some books. I don't know where you are located, but perhaps if their are people around you who speak English as a second/third/forth language, you could do a language exchange.
I pop amaranth seed for my breakfast cereal. It is really amazing. I heat up a pot until it is really hot and toss in a little bit of amaranth and shake it around until it pops. And continue to do so until I have popped all I need. The first back usually gets burnt because I don't heat the pot enough. Then I pour some honey in, mix it all up and I have breakfast for the next week. I went to Vandana Shiva's organic farm Navdanya in India and this is what they served us...
Thanks Snow Pea. I would love to re-added. I'm TTC #1. 28 years old.
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