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What about barrier methods like condoms or diaphragm? I had an IUD and it was horrible. Although, I've never given birth and that can cause it to be more painful.
I am so happy I found this site! I am TTC in August as well. #1 for me. I've started taking folic acid and I'm continuing my b-12. I'll probably start an actual prenatal after I get pregnant. I'm currently obsessing on not obsessing about getting pregnant. I was on the fence for so long, once I made a decision, I want to get pregnant right now! But, we are going to see if we can't time things, so I can get a decent mat leave. I'm in Hong Kong so I only get 10 weeks,...
Hey all, I'm a Canadian who has been living in Hong Kong for 1.5 years with my partner. We are going to TTC come August this year.
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