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I have a bassethound that we got when my ds was 2 months. He is a rescue and about 4 years old. When my ds started crawling the dog growled and nipped my son. I immediately got a baby gate that spans my house and now I have the dog's side and my ds's side. We worked on some dominance issues and although we keep them separate most of the time, they get supervised time together and we haven't seen any other issues, except we need to watch the dog's weight and my ds loves...
My breasts at anytime are off limits now. I could not imagine my dh doing what yours did op. I'd go ballistic on him. I'd tell him that if he ever wants to get lucky EVER again. He should back off now. And then I'd sit in a chair where no one else could sit beside me. When dh and I were first married, he always wanted to hug during fights. I took to climbing into the dry bathtub so that the closest he could get to ne would be to perch himself on the edge of the...
I have always had a tummy. I had skinny legs and was slender all around except my 'pot belly' as we called it. Some women just carry weight in their stomaches instead of their back end. I saw a personal trainer as a young adult to get rid of The pot belly and she was amazed how strong my stomach muscles were. All those years of sucking in my stomach made the muscles super strong. But i still had a pot belly.
What a struggle. I never thought I'd let my kid run around with a snotty nose until I realized the effort and struggle to get the nose clean. So my kid is snotty. He gets a bath once a day, but other than that I let him get as dirty as he wants.
I think it is hard, but look at what you'll gain. A month is a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. I say put your nose to the grind stone and do something for yourself and your future.
I thought that under ones needed to be either on formula or breastmilk. I'd be hesitant to replace all his formula intake.
haha. oh dear. I've changed the title to better reflect my issues. I wish my kid would eat more...perhaps not 2 steaks worth, but still...
I was sharing my chicken and avocado salad with my baby at a restaurant. We ate most of it until I noticed that a bit of the chicken was raw!!! What should I do?!? Can I give him grapefruit seed extract? I am completely freaking out. I'm going to give him some probiotics.
This. You don't need to be wretched about it. But I sometimes wonder teens who aren't told that the world doesn't revolve around them, I think they turn into my sister where she is still in her mid-twenties acting like a snotty teen.And imagine the consequences of the next person she imagines to be taking photos. What about their lives!?!I believe that she should feel free to dress as she chooses and that she shouldn't get harassed by anyone. The double standard for what...
I don't think the actual issue is that your niece is in skimpy clothes. The issue is that she thinks every old guy with a camera is a pervert. Her and her friend thought they were such hot stuff that they assumed that the poor grandpa was taking photos of them with no evidence other than he happened to have a camera. Shame on them for their drama-inducing Behavior
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