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I dunno, I'm a 20 something so I guess I'm out of sync with my generation, but I have such a simple cell phone that it doesn't even do text messages. I also have an mp3 player for music and a little dinky notebook laptop that I got for $200. I do have my desktop computer down in the basement still that I go on if I want to play a game or do photo editing or something, but 99% of the time I'm just on this. It goes online wherever there is a hotspot (I can even do...
When water isn't cutting it for my kids I will ask them if they'd like rain juice or ocean juice instead. They happily choose one or the other. It's all water anyway, but they're happier about it if they think it's something cooler. I think they're in on the joke though cos they see me getting it from the same tap as "regular" water. Still... it works for us!
See, turn it around. My H "watches" the kids only if I have a doctor's appointment or something. Even though he's here the rest of the time, I am the one on-duty or on-call 100% of the time. It's not by explicit choice but it is what it is. When I am sick no one takes up the slack, either, so if I don't do the housecare, no one does. It will get filthy and he will complain about it but not actually fix it. I would be so happy if he "watched" the kids now and then so...
I think that's it! Thanks!
There is a word that is slipping my mind. It is a medical symptom and it's a general feeling of unease. It's a term used by doctors for that feeling of dread/restlessness/"something is not right" thing. It's not a panic attack or anxiety. It's also not disphoria. It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember the term, can anyone help me out? I think it starts with an- or something like that but not 100% on it.
Thank you for all the replies! It seems there is hope, after all.
I know this is best answered by a priest and we have an appointment with one but I'm just curious to see if anyone has any wisdom ahead of time. Basically, if a couple is married outside of the church (civil ceremony) then that marriage is considered unsacramental and needs to be convalidated. But if the couple is baptized but not confirmed, will convalidation have to wait until RCIA is completed for confirmation? Considering we're not even moved to the place where...
I got another U/S, a good one this time. They confirmed that there was everything in there, healthy and great - but no baby or fetal parts. Just an empty sac. I'm going to lose my mind, seriously. Anyway, thanks for all the support, hoping for a great pregnancy journey for you gals. I think I'll be taking a break from MDC for a while to grieve.
Also, I'm trying to look it up but can't find anything yet, does anyone know if a molar pregnancy ever has a gestational sack? I had an U/S at 4 weeks and 3 days and there was a sack there, it was too early to see anything else though.
I haven't had any bleeding, spotting, cramping, nothing. The midwife said my uterus seemed a little small for my dates but that's been the case with every pregnancy so far; and it wasn't really significantly smaller, just slightly so. I didn't even think about the U/S machine's age being cause of more radiation. D'oh. That's not cool. But FWIW we didn't use it for "recreational purposes" - it's cos she didn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler. I mean maybe that's...
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