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I've heard that you should avoid vinegar for PUL dipes or dipes with elastic, as it can wear them down. I'm not sure about baking soda though.
People are surprised when they see DS's BGs. They don't think cloth diapers have improved in the past 20 years or so. It's fun to educate people though My favorite cloth diaper site is MMB (good deals and free shipping!)
I like Dritz pins too. I get them from fabric stores, or find online CD shops with free shipping. Don't buy the ones from Babys R Us, they're terrible!
Dawn or RLR have worked great for us. Whenever you wash, make sure there are no more suds when you're done. Otherwise do another rinse.
Aplix works best on my long skinny baby, so I would recommend something like a BG. Snaps work better on chubbier babies IMO.
We use a BG AIO for my 18 month old with a HempBabies doubler. It works great!
I would check diaperswappers or even Craigslist. I've bought and sold quite a few dipes on Craigslist.
I've been struggling with ammonia and my BGs, especially at night. So, we've decided to go with fitteds and wool for nap and bedtime. I bought some Babykicks organic fitteds and a wool cover to try, and will be buying more if they work out. If they work out, how often do I need to clean my wool, and how many covers should I get? DS is 18 months, so he only takes one nap and sleeps through the night. Also, cute wool spam and ideas are welcome!
Pinstripes and Polkadots has some good information. That's my go-to resource.
Thirsties are nice, and they run bigger. I also do like the AIOs with a pocket, so you can stuff extra.
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