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Hi and welcome !
Waking often sounds normal, nursing often day and night maintains mother's milk supply. To put it into perspective, in societies that do not restrict breastfeeding, hunter gatherers are a good example, these infants feed several times an hour during the day plus all through the night. In other words, there is not a maximum with breastfeeding. You are doing a great job. Plus having baby next to you in bed, and co sleeping, will enable baby to nurse at will and thus help...
I am sorry I really don't know. I hope someone will be better able to help you.
Hanes makes 100% cotton underwear. I went up a size when pregnant. Is that something that may work for you?
You are welcome!
Isk555 there are two yahoo groups that may be of help finding a doctor: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NJVaccinationSupport/conversations/messages http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/AP_Doctor_Referral/conversations/messages
Are you familiar with the work of Kathryn Dettwyler? I was thrilled when I found her research. One of her best works was about sleeping through the night: http://kathydettwyler.org/detsleepthrough.html
Have you read about tongue tie? He may not be able to latch properly thus become frustrated if he has tongue tie. There are various forms of TT and many good topics here on Mothering dot com. It tends to be missed or overlooked by hospital staff so you may wish to investigate and see if it could be a factor.
Good luck, hopefully something will help so baby feels better soon. I have been really pleased with sodium ascorbate, may be worth a try. Glad you are reading up on it.
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