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I would call your ped's office and ask if you should bring him in. Be sure to describe his behavior also.  Example: Is he playing normally or is he sluggish? Crying but consolable or is he inconsolable? Eating and drinking/nursing?   Dr.Sears website has a great section on fever but overall mother's intuition trumps all. If you feel he needs to see the doctor then do so. You can call first though if you wish to ask their opinion before setting up the...
I have no issue if someone makes informed choices when choosing to vaccinate or not. I would think that most of the vaxers, as well as the non vaxers, who are members of MDC are likely more informed than the average parent. I just find members of this message board to be more knowledgable about vaccination than many of the parents that I know or have met. Regarding the questions, it's likely wise to avoid a debate. A person who is informed about vaccination is also...
You may find some interesting info in this article pertaining to the 'two year age' mark and solids:   http://www.naturalnews.com/027418_natural_food_babies.html
This is an interesting article. France has banned baby television programming, which targets the three year and under audience. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26312386/ns/today-entertainment/
I would just do my best to try to roll with it. He may be in need of extra nourishment or comfort for a number of reasons. In the first year a baby's needs are primarily 'needs not wants' (that fun starts later!). You can't go wrong by meeting baby's needs.
My 16 month old is nursing constantly also. His molars just erupted and he does also seem to have grown a lot recently but my instincts tell me it is more so related to his motor skills development currently. He's taken off with the running/climbing stage. Whether comfort related or nourishment related it does seem to be a direct relation to developmental changes.
It's biologically normal for a six month old to feed throughout the night. No worries.  
Trust your maternal instinct. If something feels wrong- it probably is.
Perhaps he would be more interested in the breast milk if it is offered in a cup or sippy cup? I also wonder if he is just more likely to take his milk directly from you, perhaps he saves that part of his diet for being with you. My own thought though would be to try to get him as much of your milk as possible since he is exposed to various germs and the extra antibodies of your breast milk will be very beneficial for him. He's really adorable by the way, that photo of...
I have no advice and nothing to offer but encouragement. You are doing a GREAT job!!!
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